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Futile RNG

I'm currently standing here doing nothing in a Stonefalls delve, waiting for the boss to spawn in the hope he'll drop a lead for the Ebon wolf mount. I've killed him 10 times now, and he takes about 10 min to respawn. If someone runs in it spawns, but I get no loot. Which delays the process even further. It could take me weeks of standing here waiting to get this lead. Nevermind the fact that im in a queue for a dungeon that i've done 20-30 times and am sick to death of, waiting for a weapon to drop that has a 1.5% chance. I have given up and used non dungeon sets in the past because the weapon i needed was a lost cause. I could farm both of these things forever, and never get the drops. See what I'm getting at here? At what point does the RNG become too much?
  • wheresbes
    Hi, I hear your frustration, I've run Maelstrom arena a couple of times and I can't wait to run it over and over again #sarcasm

    There are many nice sets in the game so I decided to make do with what I have/can craft without stressing too much, but I'm also not a good player, so I wouldn't even feel the difference too much between what I'm wearing and a better set. Btw, I try to do all the three pledges and the random dungeon every evening (and I enjoy that!) so I'll eventually have all the set pieces incidentally.

    Can't advise you for the delve boss, I know that if not enough time pass, they'll drop only basic stuff. It's much easier to get leads from world bosses or public dungeons IMO.
  • Zer0_CooL
    I've been there too, i just watched a Bud Spencer movie on youtube.

    Dungeon weapons are even worse yes. But if you go on normal and slot a taunt, you can easily go as tank so you dont have to wait or the group queue. And always look out for chests. They increase your chance massively.
  • etchedpixels
    For dungeon farming it's best to run as a guild group because you can then trade stuff and it's much faster for all of you to get the full sets - same for public dungeon bosses and dolmens. That way when (as usually happens) the tank drops the inevitable 5 pieces of light armour and the magsorc gets nothing but heavy you can trade it around. Many dungeon running guilds do regular farming runs where you skip as much as you can, hit the chests and the final bosses and go round again.

    There's also a lot of value in doing all the public dungeons in a guild group because you each come out of it with something like 26 skill points, craploads of gear and if there are several of you it's an easy ride, and it's a fair bet you can trade duplicates around well to get most of the set gear, then sell the rest on guild stores.

    Some dungeons can also be cheesed. Crypt of Hearts 1 for example you can walk in the door, sneak past the mobs in the first quest room, check a couple of chest locations, walk out, repeat until you get the chests in the early spawn places. It's far from unique in this. For tank or healer it's probably easier to just run the dungeon though.

    As to using overland gear: many overland or cyrodiil/IC sets you can get on guild stores or farm are currently better than many dungeon sets. Venomous smite, deadly, battalion defender, winter's respite, warrior-poet, mother's sorrow, necropotence, plague doctor, hatchling's shell, defiler etc are better than most dungeon sets as are many craftable sets.

    I can't be bothered to sit and farm one boss, I've got a list of stuff I want so I'll just pass through those areas now and then and gradually some of them will drop.
    Too many toons not enough time
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