BRP question.

Ran on normal with guildies and one of them was non cp (below 20). Did fine but at the end of the arena the low level said they didn’t get blackrose weapon. Is there a level requirement for the weapons to drop or was someone possibly being dishonest?
  • Calm_Fury
    Maybe the weapons only drop for CP 160?

    That is weird. If they do drop for lower levels it is either a bug or he didn't notice, but if we consider that we can't reconstruct those weapons lower than CP 160, maybe it is ajust a limitation so people don't destroy on sub-50 queues in BG and Cyrodiil.
  • mobicera
    They weren't being dishonest
    Brp, ma, vh and dsa do not drop weapons below cp level.
    As to when they start dropping I don't know probably at cp10 but could be 160 I suppose.
    I just know I have brought lowbies of mine in there during events and got no weapons.
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