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Forgetting to Forgive

Soul Shriven
This one wonders where to draw the line between forgiveness and forgetfulness. If the moon mother continued the same unacceptable behavior for 15 years... am I lacking forgiveness when I choose to not allow her to affect me anymore? Am I lacking forgiveness every time the moon father tries to stare me down with a smile and I return a glare because I've known him to hide and forget his problems behind that smile, leaving it for the world around him to deal with? Do I forget after decades of repetition and fall back into the same trap, to save my own innocence? Is living without and in neglect really an answer worth having? The heart dulls the mind's edge.
  • InaMoonlight
    You already know the answer to your questions deep down. Do not repeat your moon father's cowardly behavior, but deal with and voice your issues. Define your borders in compromise, but also be aware that it may also be the end to a relation, in effort to respect yourself and your own limits. :)

    Hope you find your way to feeling respected by yourself and your near ones, been/is there myself ^_^
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