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LF Crafter

Hello all, relatively new player here just got to 160CP looking for a crafter to craft these items minus the accessories as I haven't got the materials for those yet.

  • notachik
    Can’t craft agility and nirnhoned is expensive
  • Taleof2Cities
    Have you tried zone chat, @Boltonsquad ... or joining a guild that can help new players?
  • Araneae6537
    Many crafters, myself included, are happy to help with crafting items if materials are provided (often pro bono too but I am not wealthy enough to do so with expensive items).

    Posting here, you should also indicate what server you are on as crafters on other servers cannot help you and also please list what you are looking for in your post. I’m sure you don’t mean any harm, but I am not comfortable clicking on links I do not recognize.

    Hehe, I am reminded of a recent experience I had where someone just repeatedly posted NEED CRAFTER in zone chat. I ended up making their armor for them at cost since they were respectful and reasonable enough when I messaged them, whether or not they follow any of my suggestions when they need something crafted in the future, but I like to help when I can. :lol:
  • Boltonsquad
    I finally managed to get a very helpful streamer to craft all the pieces I needed, thank you!
  • FlopsyPrince
    I will craft many things for others, when I connect with the need. But finding what is needed for specific items can be a challenge and I have had more than 1 person drop while I figure all that out.

    Not worth doing it for gold due to the hassle of finding the true cost.

    Note that I don't even craft top jewelry for myself, so don't expect that.
    PS4 (Not really active)
  • Silaf
    I wish players could be able to issue writ quests with a reward in the guild stores.

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