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The Dawn and Merethic Eras, Mysteries begging to be explored

There's an artifact to come across during Antiquities and this one note specifically by Gabrielle caught my eye for a good while.


It's talking about a Medallion from an ancient Cult or group with the image of Vile portrayed, however Gabrielle claims her Divination Ritual gave her a dating estimate of possibly the Dawn Era, but then says that couldn't be right. She doesn't elaborate why. Why couldn't the Medallion be from the Dawn Era? Most of the known Lore only goes back to the late Merethic when they claim scholars started writing down major events, but we've had theories that Civilizations on Tamriel have been regressing over time, meaning the Dawn and Merethic Eras were home to some of the most advanced peoples in History, yet little to no evidence of this exists.

Was the Dawn Era really a Golden Age of civilization on Nirn? Before some event or catastrophe lost to Time degraded them?
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  • Aigym_Hlervu
    An interesting observation, ArchMikem. I thought much on the in-game chronology, even developed a completely new theory about it (The New Elven Chronology. A Theory. and it's corresponding List of Dates). I suppose Gabrielle could have used the traditional High Elven chronology and in case it is incorrect, she could have made incorrect conclusions about the dates. There is also a possibility that the chronology is correct, but the history based on that chronology might be wrong. Anyway, I'll look into this issue from the positions of my theory too along with some new data I have yet to publish there about Argonians. Thank you for sharing your interesting observation!
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  • OtarTheMad
    I don't know about the Golden Age but it was kind of a completely different time. Nothing was really created until later in this era, there really wasn't any real separation between Aedra or Daedra, at least not until later. It is said that this Dawn era was the end of a previous kalpa (time period). That would make sense considering all that happened during it, so much change. Nirn was created, aedra are not what they used to because they were kind of tricked into creating Mundus and the ones who did not help with creation are called daedra. Lorkhan is "killed" and so is Trinimac, Aldmer split to become different races of elves, Bretons are made... etc... it was chaos basically.

    As for regression over time, it is quite possible. The Dwemer disappeared in the First Era and some of the things they created and toyed around with are still considered advanced in the Fourth Era. Races like Nords, Redguards, and Orcs hate magic which also hurts their races and history too. Nords have pretty much all but forgotten/abandoned the Thu'um (I mean only one NPC knew it in Skyrim), Redguards lost the ability to be Sword Singers. Maybe Bethesda did not mean to do this but it's funny that if you look at lore... Nords (or Atmorans, whatever) had some of the most dangerous mages ever with Dragon Priest, Shalidor etc.

    I think the Golden Age was probably either the Merethic Era (before the dragon cult collapsed, thu'um was still highly used and taught, snow elves ruled Skyrim, dwemer were a thing) or First Era.

    Elder Scrolls lore is quite fascinating.
  • Ratzkifal
    They said it was before the Merethic Era, but they had previously assumed this medallion is of Kothringi origin. Most likely they assumed that the Kothringi or those who later became the Kothringi came to Tamriel from Atmora at some point in the Late Merethic Era, not before it. This gives credibility to the theory of native men on Tamriel. The Nest of Shadows seems to suggest the same thing. Shocking news to them and us too.
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