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Does this year's Undaunted event drop last year's weapon style?

More specifically, bloodspawn, engine guardian, troll king and Ilambris.

It's about half way into the event now, did get a golden box everyday, but I only got this year's new weapon style. Just asking if this is by design or just my rng. Thx.

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  • jimmulvaney
    Sad to see no one reply until now, but yes it does include the items from last year's event but only through loot. For example I got the Opal Bloodspawn Mask off the Vampire Boss in Spindle2 yesterday as well as a Nightflame staff from the Gold Box reward. The Impressario however only sells current event items, unless they do a end of year last chance sale, which they usually reserve for the New Life Festival in January.
  • blckrose
    Soul Shriven
    i got not a single past page out of farming boxes. i farmed masks from hardmode to sell since i had them already though
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