Noble Land-Mermaids are Recruiting

Soul Shriven
Friendly, Social LGBTQ+ Guild with an active voice chat. Events, Trials, Dungeons, DC PVP and More.

Noble Land-Mermaids guild is formed by experienced ESO Players who love being first and foremost SOCIAL, also known for the occasional singing of show-tunes, and massive handfuls of Helping out Vets & Newbies alike.

We believe in RESPECT for all and do not tolerate toxicity in any form. All are welcome as long as you're friendly, respectful, and open minded.

We are currently running weekly learning trials for players who may not be familiar with them. We also run spontaneous trials/dungeons as well PVP (Daggerfall Covenant) groups throughout the week.

We also love running fun and themed events. Everything from Housing Contests to raffles and zone dailies.

We love to do just about anything, and we like to help wherever we can.

We have a Guild House and it's available; and is totally inclusive representing everyone within Tamriel in its design. We also have the "Icy Guar" our very own Guild Tavern with Bartender.

We are constantly improving and adding events and things that our members request; and we want you to be apart of our little online family.

Our Primary methods of communication are Guild Voice & Discord. A mic is not required...

Contact: @Barondearden in game, or @HyacinthAK in the forum.
Tamriel is a big place; and we'll leave the light on!
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