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Bow Setup

I probably shouldn't do this, but I want to make a bow character. I built a new bowazon in D2 a few days ago, and the bug bit me lol. Looking at stuff, there are not a lot of builds around.
One thing, I need a pet to tank for me, so that narrows it down to warden or sorceress.

Since I usually play a magsorc, that would be my favorite, with the Clannfear to tank. Am I ok so far?

Character? Breton (for the mana and stuff), Redguard, or Imperial? Magic or Stamina??

I take it that once I use a bow, it will show up on the weapons list and I can get the bow-specific abilities from there?

With a pet tanking, there will only be 4 slots left on the front bar - is that enough?

What is the best Ult? I can use one of the magsorc U, or one specific to the bow use.

I thought I'd put some sorc abilities on the back with a healing staff, to take care of any enemy who gets close to me. Like a healing staff, clannfear, and the magsorc flying thingy, and a few DPS abilities.

If I absolutely need to put melee abilities on the back, then this adventure ends. I can handle a front bar, and some stuff (i.e., healing, and some spells) on the back bar. But having two bars with spells I cannot do.

Another option would be to use a warden, with a similar front bar, and then magward abilities on the back with a healing staff?

I'm used to playing with a clannfear tanking, but if a warden and his bear is better, I'll give it a shot. I've played a warden, and it seems to me the clannfear is more responsive.

Any help is appreciated.

  • Provin915
    Check this topic. It pretty much contains all the relevant info about bow builds until now.

  • Sixsixsix161
    Thank you for the reply.

    I made a stamward and stamsorc. Eventually, after playing both for a few days, I settled on the stamsorc. The sorc pet is better at holding aggro the the ward bear - in my opinion. Also, getting the free healing from the sorc pet is really a life saver.

    Of course, I felt I would prefer the sorc pet because I have a mostly sorc characters, so I was more familiar with that pet than with the ward bear.

    I Googled the different builds and found a great build for a stamsorc with pet, one bar-setup.

    Thanks again.

  • FrancisCrawford
    I've been happier with my non-warden bow-bow builds since I started using Silver Shards as my spammable.

    It even has merit on a warden, which is my favorite bow-bow class by far of the four of I've tried (omissions: sorcerer and templar).

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