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Warden Healer/Support Main Looking for Late Night VET Trials Guild

Hey there,

If you're reading this then I want to thank you for your curiosity as I was hesitant to post anyway.

Objective: To find a vet trials guild so I can push my limits further than what I can find Pugging or with my more casual guilds. Looking through the guild finder, I see most places that I'd fit run raids around 7 or 8pm Eastern and that is too early for me with my schedule. What I'm looking for is a typical "Friday night" (or really most days of the week) guild that can run at 9pm or later (much prefer the later as I am normally playing until 3am!). I think this means that a west coast based guild would be my best bets. I am looking specifically to run vSS, vHoF, vAS, or vMoL or anything else of that tier.

Credentials: CP1200+, 18 characters (3 of each class: Magdps/Healer, Tank, Stam) - though I am much more comfortable on my MagWarden healer main. I run a small social/trading guild, own a full guild hall, all motifs learned, Alliance rank 30+. I'd say I have the majority of any set you could possibly want me to wear and have no issues tweaking my setup to fit a group.

Clears: All Craglorn Hardmodes and Speedruns, vAS+0, vSS (no HM), all normal trials to include nCR+3 several times. vDSA, vBRP, and vMA.

Strengths: Generally more of a mechanics-guy. I know all classes very well and all roles and even very comfortable tanking but lack tanking clears for trials. My MagWarden healer main has all the clears listed in my Credentials above, even though I've got a few other characters that have most of them as well. I also love teaching mechanics and run a guild focused around this very thing.

Weaknesses: I kind of hit a wall at 65k on DPS characters, but I can hold a solid place in a pinch and am usually top 3-4 on trials I've been in - though I am still practicing!

If you made it this far, thank you. I am looking forward to hearing from anyone!
GM of Gold Coast Corsairs - PCNA
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