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Real-life counterparts of TES races

Inspired by the quotes below from another thread, I thought of making a separate thread to discuss the real-life counterparts of TES races. What's your opinion?
Inyhel wrote: »
The condescending Altmer attitudes just makes killing them all the more satisfying.

I like how the races of ESO generally have parallels irl. At least in my mind:

Thalmor = White supremacists
High Elves = White people
Dark Elves = East Asians
Khajit/ Argonians = Black people
Redguards = Arabs
Imperials = Romans
Akaviri = Japanese
Nords = Nordic people

If you think about how close the the parallels are on all the different levels then this game can be quite politically incorrect...

My assignments are a little different than yours. To me, all of the races of Men (except Redguards) are analogues to white people, with the Bretons being Americans and British, with the Imperials being most continental Europeans, with Nords being Scandinavians, and with Redguards being Arabs. I pegged the Orcs as being most congruent with black people. The Khajiit feel similar to Western Hemisphere aboriginals, and the Argonians put me most nearly in mind of Filipinos and Pacific Islanders. I agree with you on the Akaviri and the Dunmer people. The Bosmer are hard to peg: maybe India Indians or possibly the general category of Asians other than East Asians. The High Elves make me think of Jews, and the Thalmor particularly remind me of Ashkenazi Jews (esp. the rich ones with high society positions).
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    I don't usually quote Michael Kirkbride, but I think his comments on his writing for TES Redguard is illuminating: https://www.imperial-library.info/content/forum-archives-michael-kirkbride

    "On the Redguards"
    "No, I was actually referring to The Black Panthers and their radicalism.

    As some people know I'm not really a fan of the United Colors of Beneton approach to Tamrielicreation, which smacks of white guilt and offensery rather than some holistic form of beautiful inclusion. Thus, it's my fault that the Asian analogues got eaten. Oops. Looks like others are bringing 'em back, though. But I promise my choice had nothing to do with Yellow Peril, it had to do with co-opting "coolness of color" without thinking about it intelligently and compassionately.

    (Hunkers down for the flame.)

    That said, when I started writing Redguard I really thought about how unique the black people of Tamriel were: they came in and kicked ass and slaughtered the indigenes while doing so. They invaded. It was the first time I had encountered the idea of "black imperialism"...and it struck me big time, as something 1) new, 2) potentially dangerous if taken as commentary, and 3) potentially rad if taken as commentary.

    Who knows. AVault did say it had a story worthy of being on stage, and Michael Mack (Cyrus) once thanked me for giving him words that "Black folks don't get to say" (referring to Cyrus' speech and the reversal of Son to the Father)... which broke my heart and made me puff my chest all at the same time.

    Which is a long way of saying: panther-love."

    The actual Redguards we see in game pull from a variety of African, Arab, and Persian elements. Its a somewhat obvious parallel given the desert setting and their skin color, but it shows up in their architecture, martial prowess, and other influences in their culture. The semi-feudal nature of Alikr with the High King seems very Persian in nature. Hew's Bane seems to bring in the element of the Mediterranean trade in Arabia and Egypt with its merchant lords. ESO's emphasis on their reverence for their dead ancestors and struggles with necromancers also lean towards Egyptian, with an obvious fantasy flavor.

    Anf I do think its important to note that there's a great whacking dose of fantasy mixed in with everything. For example, Redguard politics get filtered through their three factions of the Crowns, Forebears, and later the Lhotunics. The sword-saints and Ansei that play a big role in the Redguard martial legends are fantasy, etc.
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