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ESO Statistics do not look good

Well I've always been skeptical of the people quoting Steam statistics for ESO as this is logically only a small proportion of the players.

I looked at and found the results rather depressing as I really like this game.

Disclaimer: I do not know how accurate these statistics are.

Come on ZOS!!! Put you best foot forward.

  • Thundertalon
    Has it declined relative to others in recent months or weeks? Not clear from what's linked
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  • Red_Feather
    Wow, the daily players is around what I'm told Destiny 2 has. I never would have thought that.
  • erio
    Am I crazy or is 500k monthly players bad?
  • Chaos2088
    Oh look another doomsday thread on how this game is going into the dumpster. yes performance is pretty bad. like really bad.

    but we all know this game is going to be sticking around for years....
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  • TwinLamps
    And out of that 900k ppl I am 5 myself cause that is how many accounts I have.
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  • idk
    Danikat wrote: »
    I've seen this site quoted in a few places and as I understand it their 'statistics' are effectively guesses at the population based on comments they find online. They look for mentions of the game and if it seems like a lot of people like it then they assume a lot of people play it, but it's no more reliable than sticking a poll on a random forum somewhere.

    They have at least finally updated the 'daily population' for Wildstar to 0, but if you look at the game's page they still show population changes over the course of 2020, for a game which shut down in 2018. (And no, it's not private servers - some people are hoping one will be set up eventually but it hasn't happened yet.)

    They also give seperate total player, daily player and subscriber numbers for Guild Wars 2, a game which famously does not have (and has never had) a subscription.

    To the contrary of what OP suggests, the data does fall in line with Steam Charts. Both show consistent growth over the years in a manner that business analysts would consider good growth.

    For starters, OP only linked this years data which is skewed due to COVID. When looking at the five year data it shows amazing growth.

    But you are correct, they take samples of data from in-game. The methodology site like this use are mostly central trading system data. However, since it does reflect similar growth that Steam shows the data seems good.
  • YstradClud
    Just put some servers in Asia if your sweating on numbers.
  • Sephyr
    Linaleah wrote: »
    Speaking the obvious here, but this is why I have an issue of the misrepresentation that is always being pushed.

    ESO for example:
    "Join over 16 MILLION players" => Accounts aka "Subscribers"

    It's all for advertising clout, nothing more. 956,445 active players VS 16,779,739 total accounts is a stark difference. One could even say deceptive business practices since 5% of that entire account base is actually active and doesn't meet the expectation being broadcasted. Speaks for itself.


    if you look at that WoW chart - the difference is exactly as stark. its just overall higher numbers, but we are looking at estimated 109 million total players, and yet only 4 million of those players play a day. which makes it roughly 5% of the accounts are actualy active daily. so... what say you?

    TBH, almost 1 million daily active players is far more then I expected ESO to have. but it does explain, I guess, why I keep being able to sell older recipes and motif chapters.

    that said... ZoS really needs to ramp up the maintenance of this game, cause it seems to develop new issues daily and there is only so far the momentum will take you before more and more players start giving up and moving on to greener pastures.
    Completely agree 100%. Those aren't bad numbers for Tamriel, but they could and should be a LOT better. ESO isn't in a "GREAT" place right now and I doubt anyone here can truthfully disagree. Even if they don't personally experience the problems, they are still present and a big issue. As you said by comparison, using the same chart for WoW which had 100M+ players, roughly ~4% were active players...3.8M active players still a LOT of activity but just really makes you see what actually is being broadcasted by corporate vs reality for players. Competitively speaking, that would put ESO at ~23% of WoW's player base. Yes, WoW has been around for 10 years longer than ESO but the fact still stands. I don't see this as another doomsday thread like some are saying here to seemingly discredit and dismiss it. There are some good points being made in this thread. These numbers tell an important thing to all of us; one major detail is ESO can do much better than it is, in fact, I wish it would already. ZOS can do better than this. Imho, ESO should be the #1 MMO, but due to <insert things we already know here>, it hasn't. I just hope ZOS has a solid plan for the future and executes it carefully because the last few years have been especially rough as a whole. After almost 7 years of playing ESO and seeing this game continually progress through it's lifecycle, I am highly apprehensive that much will improve drastically for the better and bring this game to it's true potential. As always, crossing my fingers in hopes that I'm terribly wrong.

    That's pretty much what I've been saying. It's definitely not a doomsday thing, but statistically speaking ZOS should really be trying to take the pulse of the playerbase and find out why there's an issue with player retention. @ZOS_GinaBruno is a community manager. She's supposed to be the bridge between us and the brand, but the transparency issue is only one facet of an overall larger problem. Sure we don't have to be here, but without us where would they be? 2021 should be a year of reflection for ZOS. While this year is an outlier year, it accurately depicted how unprepared they are with issues they've been complacent with over for the last six or so years. All I can tell them is good luck. It's going to be hard to restore the trust that was lost after this year and I can only hope they at least try.
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  • Miszou
    And without any indication of revenue or profit margins, this entire thread is pointless.
  • scorpius2k1
    Miszou wrote: »
    And without any indication of revenue or profit margins, this entire thread is pointless.
    I respectfully disagree. Just because the information herein this topic doesn't contain certain details, or maybe you just don't like the content, doesn't mean what others discussing here is pointless or irrelevant. If that were true, then agree that 100% of the topics in these forums are pointless as well. This place is quite obviously for discussing topics publicly, I don't see why player statistics aren't a fair and interesting point to talk about. There are surely other topics far worse, "pointless", and less productive, but they are still discussed.
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  • SydneyGrey
    The population dipped significantly after they took Rapid Maneuver away from people.
    Although, it seems like the rise and fall in gamer population might be cyclic, though, at least to a degree.

    Here's the Steam charts for comparison:
  • Shantu
    As long as there is a core group of players throwing money at the Crown Store, these statistics don't really mean much.
  • Sju
    It trends basically the same every year on the steam charts. It dips by relatively the same this time of year. It will pick up again in the new year and peak to its highest upon the release of the new chapter. To really understand the growth you need to compare year on year. If you compare November 2020 to November 2019 or November 2018 you will see the population has grown every year.

    That isn't to say I am personally happy with the current state of the game, but those are the facts.

    Sure, there's an increase over the last years but that's just because more people at home due to covid. If you look at previous Novembers, there was an increase in players during the last dlc, this is the first November showing a big drop.
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