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Xbox: Antiquities wide shovel causes crashes

Soul Shriven
I've seen similar issues mentioned for PC, but none have noticed so far that this bug is specifically related to the wide shovel's "screen shaking" animation. One of two things happens upon use, right after the "screen shake":

1) You're asked to confirm if you really want to leave excavation
2) The game crashes (and you then have to log back in and spend another 10m scouring the dig site for another location....)

  • RawBrightSilver
    I get this error message after the excavation has been completed:

    EsoUI/Ingame/Antiquities/Keyboard/AntiquityJournal_Keyboard.lua:661: attempt to index a nil value
    stack traceback:
    EsoUI/Ingame/Antiquities/Keyboard/AntiquityJournal_Keyboard.lua:661: in function '(anonymous)'
    (tail call): ?
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:327: in function 'GetKeybindDescriptorDebugIdentifier'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> keybindButtonDescriptor = [table:1]{alignment = 3, keybind = "UI_SHORTCUT_NEGATIVE"} </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:340: in function 'ZO_KeybindStrip:HandleDuplicateAddKeybind'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:2]{batchUpdating = T, insertionId = 37, allowDefaultExit = T}, existingButtonOrEtherealDescriptor = ud, keybindButtonDescriptor = [table:1], currentSceneName = "antiquityJournalKeyboard", existingDescriptor = [table:3]{name = "Undo Changes", addedForSceneName = "antiquityDigging", keybind = "UI_SHORTCUT_NEGATIVE"}, existingSceneName = "antiquityDigging", existingDescriptorIdentifier = "Undo Changes" </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:374: in function 'ZO_KeybindStrip:AddKeybindButton'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:2], keybindButtonDescriptor = [table:1], currentSceneName = "antiquityJournalKeyboard", existingButtonOrEtherealDescriptor = ud </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_KeybindStrip/ZO_KeybindStrip.lua:548: in function 'ZO_KeybindStrip:AddKeybindButtonGroup'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:2], keybindButtonGroupDescriptor = [table:4]{}, i = 3, keybindButtonDescriptor = [table:1] </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Ingame/Antiquities/Keyboard/AntiquityJournal_Keyboard.lua:834: in function 'callback'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> oldState = "hiding", newState = "showing" </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/Utility/ZO_CallbackObject.lua:116: in function 'ZO_CallbackObject:FireCallbacks'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:5]{restoresHUDSceneToggleUIMode = F, state = "showing", wasShownInGamepadPreferredMode = F, name = "antiquityJournalKeyboard", wasRequestedToShowInGamepadPreferredMode = F, fireCallbackDepth = 4, disallowEvaluateTransitionCompleteCount = 4, restoresHUDSceneToggleGameMenu = F}, eventName = "StateChange", registry = [table:6]{}, callbackInfoIndex = 1, callbackInfo = [table:7]{3 = F}, callback = EsoUI/Ingame/Antiquities/Keyboard/AntiquityJournal_Keyboard.lua:831, deleted = F </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_Scene.lua:276: in function 'ZO_Scene:SetState'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:5], newState = "showing", oldState = "hiding", name = "antiquityJournalKeyboard" </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneManager_Base.lua:213: in function 'ZO_SceneManager_Base:ShowScene'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:8]{initialized = F, numTopLevelShown = 0, remoteSceneSequenceNumber = 47, hudSceneName = "hud", fireCallbackDepth = 0, hudUISceneHidesAutomatically = T, hudUISceneName = "hudui", numRemoteTopLevelShown = 0, exitUIModeOnChatFocusLost = F}, scene = [table:5], sequenceNumber = 47 </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneManager_Leader.lua:291: in function 'ZO_SceneManager_Leader:ShowScene'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:8], scene = [table:5] </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_Scene/ZO_SceneManager_Leader.lua:265: in function 'ZO_SceneManager_Leader:Show'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:8], sceneName = "antiquityJournalKeyboard", nextSceneClearsSceneStack = T, numScenesNextScenePops = 0, currentScene = [table:5], nextScene = [table:5], oldNextScene = [table:9]{restoresHUDSceneToggleUIMode = F, state = "hidden", name = "hud", fireCallbackDepth = 0, disallowEvaluateTransitionCompleteCount = 1, wasShownInGamepadPreferredMode = F, wasRequestedToShowInGamepadPreferredMode = F, restoresHUDSceneToggleGameMenu = F} </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Ingame/MainMenu/Keyboard/ZO_MainMenu_Keyboard.lua:720: in function 'callback'
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_MenuBar/ZO_MenuBar.lua:286: in function 'MenuBarButton:Release'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:10]{m_highlightHidden = T, m_state = 1, m_locked = T}, upInside = T, skipAnimation = T, playerDriven = F, buttonData = [table:11]{categoryName = 7622, pressed = "EsoUI/Art/Journal/journal_tabI...", normal = "EsoUI/Art/Journal/journal_tabI...", descriptor = "antiquityJournalKeyboard", highlight = "EsoUI/Art/Journal/journal_tabI..."} </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Libraries/ZO_MenuBar/ZO_MenuBar.lua:602: in function 'MenuBar:SelectDescriptor'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:12]{m_relativePoint = 8, m_clickSound = "Click_MenuBar", m_downSize = 64, m_animationDuration = 200, m_point = 2, m_normalSize = 51, m_buttonPadding = 20}, descriptor = "antiquityJournalKeyboard", skipAnimation = T, reselectIfSelected = T, buttonObject = [table:10] </Locals>|r
    (tail call): ?
    EsoUI/Ingame/MainMenu/Keyboard/ZO_MainMenu_Keyboard.lua:802: in function 'MainMenu_Keyboard:ShowSceneGroup'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:13]{ignoreCallbacks = F, sceneShowGroupName = "journalSceneGroup", fireCallbackDepth = 0, lastCategory = 9}, sceneGroupName = "journalSceneGroup", specificScene = "antiquityJournalKeyboard", sceneGroup = [table:14]{activeScene = 2, state = "scene_group_showing", fireCallbackDepth = 0}, skipAnimation = T, RESELECT_IF_SELECTED = T </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Ingame/MainMenu/Keyboard/ZO_MainMenu_Keyboard.lua:820: in function 'MainMenu_Keyboard:ToggleSceneGroup'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:13], sceneGroupName = "journalSceneGroup", sceneGroupInfo = [table:15]{category = 7} </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Ingame/MainMenu/Keyboard/ZO_MainMenu_Keyboard.lua:883: in function 'ZO_MainMenuManager_ToggleCategoryInternal'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:13], category = 7, categoryLayoutInfo = [table:16]{categoryName = 6604, descriptor = 7, binding = "TOGGLE_JOURNAL", disabled = "EsoUI/Art/MainMenu/menuBar_jou...", normal = "EsoUI/Art/MainMenu/menuBar_jou...", pressed = "EsoUI/Art/MainMenu/menuBar_jou...", highlight = "EsoUI/Art/MainMenu/menuBar_jou..."}, categoryState = 0, categoryInfo = [table:17]{lastSceneGroupName = "journalSceneGroup"} </Locals>|r
    EsoUI/Ingame/MainMenu/Keyboard/ZO_MainMenu_Keyboard.lua:902: in function 'MainMenu_Keyboard:ToggleCategory'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> self = [table:13], category = 7, categoryLayoutInfo = [table:16] </Locals>|r
    :1: in function '(main chunk)'
    |caaaaaa<Locals> keybind = "TOGGLE_JOURNAL" </Locals>|r
  • TricksterPale
    Soul Shriven
    I have noticed four bugs that crop up when I do excavating on the PC version:

    1. Specifically when I have clicked instead of using a hotkey to actually use the shovel, the game crashes. I have worked around this issue by using the hotkeys only. The issue only happens when I use the mouse to click.
    2. Sometimes when I finish excavating, the UI stops working. I can no longer access my journal or use my keyboard to disengage the cursor. I fix this issue by reloading the UI via the chat (type: rlui, then press enter to do this)
    3. "() wants to share a quest with you" shows up when I leave excavation from time to time.
    4. Sometimes, usually when I've found bonus loot during the dig, it will ask me if I really want to leave the excavation when I didn't try to leave the excavation to begin with.

    Again, the crash can be avoided by using hotkeys instead of clicking and the UI error can be reset by reloading UI. But I've been pretty much grinding scrying and excavation this week and those are the four consistent issues that show up for me.

    Got a screenshot of the "() wants to share a quest with you" bug:

  • stefan.gustavsonb16_ESO
    meldis128 wrote: »
    and spend another 10m scouring the dig site for another location....)

    You do know about the locator tool, right? Under "Tools", you can select and spawn a pointer to find the site very quickly.
  • Avalon
    By the Divines, can we PLEASE get the shovel-crash issue fixed? It’s still happening, and makes high-end excavations a severe pain!
  • cyclonus11
    So far I haven't had the issues on PC/NA since U29, so maybe it'll be fixed this week for you.
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