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vat two hand drop rate

I'm almost 70 clears in this arena now, and i have gotten 1 two hand drop. I have every viable trait of every other weapon in there. Why is the drop rate of the two hand so low? No one wants to endless grind the same content over and over. I can understand the better weapons having a lower drop chance, but 70 runs with 1 drop, and it was the axe which is by far the worst of the the three.
  • CrashTest
    I have the same issue but with the 1h and shield set. I run both normal and vet bc I'm trying to fill out my sticker book, but still nothing from the Void Bash set.

    For 2h weapons, I only got the sword and that only dropped twice in vet.
  • El_Borracho
    I have more axes and swords than I care for. I want the S&B and can't get that one.
  • Madhatten512
    I finally got a sword and just gave up.. With the introduction of the sticker book im really hoping that a system will follow where it increases the drop chance of the pieces you haven't already collected or a system that allows u to trade multiple pieces of the same set for a single piece you are missing. I've been playing this game to long to go through never ending grinds for gear pieces.
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