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PC-EU Group (4 Player) Achievements


I am working on Achivements for my MagSor so I will have the DD Role mainly, have a Tank and a Healer too but rarely play. So I am looking for a Healer, Tank and DD for going after challenging achievements (vet Dungeons, Arenas, BG etc.). You dont have to be very good or high level, I will help you with your gears and everything you may need for your role (I've been around since beta)

Ideally you enjoy challange and like to try over and over until something is done. You respect your teammates and never forget this is a game afterall. I am 40 and don't really have time for kids, got enough of those at home. So adulths only please :)

Drop me a line if interested.


  • MalEducado
    we are dd and healer, and the healer is my girlfriend, we have all the skins in ps4 and some skins in pc... if you want to talk, im 35years old and my girlfriend is 29years old.... my id is @Mal-Educado pc steam
  • Nikhita
    Soul Shriven
    Still looking for a tank?
  • thoreyes
    are you on a PC? looking to advance my gear for monster gear and arena's etc like you have been around on and off since beta.
    many thanks :)
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