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Battleground Motif

I feel like we need a better drop rate, or atleast an option to purchase them with ap. (Fanged Worm Axe I'm looking at you broski)
Edited by Wikter_Bravo on November 21, 2020 11:00PM
  • Faiza
    I feel like the droprate for pages is ok. I may not get the specific pages I want though lol. I always get an axe or a greatsword page..when I just want staves :(
  • Orange_fire_dragon
    huh... I think I literally have all the styles from BGs possible unlocked, got them pretty quick tbh
  • Husan
    As far as I know you always get a page you haven't learned yet, so it shouldn't be too hard to complete. You'll get it eventually even with terrible RNG, which is more that I can say for many of the other aspects of the game (damn you, trophies! :# ).

    I haven't completed them yet so I don't know what happens after you get them all. Aren't they account bound by the way?
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