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Shadows of Silence is Recruiting New Members

Shadows of Silence (SoS)is a Social/PVE Guild with Robust Trials Teams. If you're looking for a guild where you can make a mark, play with like minded people and be a part of something bigger than yourself then SoS is the guild for you.

Shadows of Silence has:

4 Trials Teams
13 Dungeon Teams
220 Members in Discord

Shadows of Silence also has many veteran and experienced players that are ready and happy to help you create the gaming experience you most desire. So too there is room for you to share the parts of the game most meaningful to you and to show others the game you've discovered. Lead and follow, help and be helped, play end game content and make new friends, Shadows of Silence may be the guild you've always knew was there, but couldn't find. Please drop me a line of look me up in game if you're interested.
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