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Glitched Werewolf skills line

Hi Zos.

I hope you're well, thanks for making an incredible game.  My wife and I just started getting into this game together and I recently purchased the werewolf skill line for my stam nightblade 10 (as I've been playing this game for a while and have it on my stam warden). Before going to bed all looked well.  I had my points into my passives and things were working without issue.

Unfortunately, when I logged in the next day my werewolf was at level 4 but my skill points were all selected just like the evening before except they had a lock over the skill picture.  Think to yourself 2/2 passives but a lock appearing over the logo.  I received a notification that my skill points were reset however when looking at my skill points none of them had been refunded (they were still selected behind the locked skill lines).  This leads me to leveling up my werewolf and having to readminister points and passives into those of which I've already spent skill points on.  If skills can be refunded or 3000 crowns be given back I'd be more than happy.  

Leveling up the skill line while having to use double the skills points and I'm not even sure if I'm getting the passives is a bit troubling.  Looking to the experts for help!  Thank you very much!! I appreciate your hard work.

Edited by ZOS_Bill on November 20, 2020 12:57AM
  • KhajiitLivesMatter
    btw dude u can purchase a bite from players for about 5k gold or less(often free)

    this 1500 crowns for the instant transformation is scam to get money from newbis
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