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Magna-ge interactions

Is the any instances of the Magna-ge interacting with mortals? Do the events of the craglorn zone count?🤔
  • VaranisArano
    Technically, Meridia.

    Spoilers for Summerset climax:
    In the Summerset climax, you need a divine artifact in order to stop Nocturnal's plan to remake the world in her own image. After Sotha Sil punts on explaining why the supposedly "divine" tribunal isn't giving you anything in front of Mephala, and the artifact you do find has been rendered useless, you use Dawnbreaker in its stead and save the world.
    But wait, isn't Dawnbreaker a daedric artifact?
    Technically, its both divine (Aedric) and daedric because Meridia is both one of the Magna-ge and a Daedric Prince.
  • WrathOfInnos
    Yes, we sometimes do.
  • RaddlemanNumber7
    Some rare contacts with mortals, but it never turns out well for the mortals. The Magna Ge fled because they didn't want to participate in the mortal world. They are not the friends of mortals.

    Meridia has a long record of using mortals as cannon fodder in her battles with other Princes. She seems to regard the Mundus and its inhabitants as an expendable resource.

    Contact with Mnemoli helped the Selectives to cause the Dragon Break.

    Bar Dau may be a Magna Ge. Eventually the cause of the Red Year.

    I don't think the events of Craglorn involve any Magna Ge.
    PC EU
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