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Aurbis War

So I am no Fudgemuppet, lady of the scrolls, Avarti, or Camelworks when it comes to TES Lore. I have begun to immersive myself recently in the lore more than i had in the past. I’ve read about the races, the et’ada, aedra and daedra, the various theories, in game religion and cults, the plans of mundis, aetherius, oblivion, and the void encompassing the void. I’ve certainly come to really appreciate the history. Somethings in the history and various other topics i do not like or disagree compared to what with as what i would put into the epic story that is TES Series.

Having said all that, i have decided to post this question on the forum lore section as the community might have a much better grasp and more knowledge on the TES Lore at large to better answer this question beyond the obvious “anything is possible”, and give actually answers with reason and logic supported by lore to reaffirm the response.

As the title suggest,

What do you thing of the TES Series creating a story or a possibility with in the lore or an Aurbis War. Much like the real World Wars in real history. But in TES universe.

A war or epic climatic storyline involving all the sentients of Nirn, taking sides. The daedra picking sides, the Aedra, et’ada, the Magna Ge, all taking sodes in an attempt to control the fate of the universe.

And before someone says, well the Aedra couldnt because of Lorkahn, riddle me this how is it Akatosh gave the Amulet of Kings to St. Alessia, or how did Mara appear as Ama Nin in TES3:Morrowind? Clearly the Aedra haven’t lost as much power as most would be believe.
  • idk
    I think the IP would need to introduce us to other areas of the domain for it to make sense to have a world war.

    In either case that would be part of a different game, hence not ESO related.
  • Richard_Arisen
    That just sounds like what already happens during the transition between Kalpic cycles.

    The thing is, everyone's already taken their sides. The whole idea of the Mundus is that it serves as an Arena for the battle between these sides. The mortal races decide whether to go with these alignments or against them.

    There are so many layers, which is what makes it confusing. You have Anu and Padomay, considered by some to be the light and the dark, but by others to just exist as neutral opposites. The Aedra are said by some to descend from Anu, the Daedra from Padomay. Lorkhan is also believed by some to descend from Padomay. But he also fashioned the mortal realm, which he tricked some of the et'Ada into helping create, and these are what then became the Aedra, by some accounts. The Magna Ge fled when they realised what was happening. The Daedra stayed out of it completely. Now you have the Dawn Era strife, with the Aedra and their mortal followers pitted against Lorkhan and his. But then you also have the Daedra with both their mortal and immortal followers.

    Like I said, everything's already taken a side. It's only the mortals who are torn between the sides. Souls are Anuic entities. And yet some mortals worship Daedra. Some see Lorkhan as a traitor and a threat, and others see him as a saviour and a hero. All of this is because the cosmic conditions of the universe were in conflict, and thus everything they create is in conflict.

    This lorebook explains the whole "taking sides" thing on a very simplified level: https://en.uesp.net/wiki/Lore:The_Light_and_the_Dark
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