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{PC EU} Looking for end game friends!

Hello yall, me and my hubby are looking for a couple of friends to play with.
We are in our early/mid twenties so pref. we want people of our age or older.

We are really experienced in the game (multiple thousands of hours) and raid regularly with proper end game groups.
We wish that you would be the same kind of person, with similar experience and PvE end game in mind. We would like to complete all trifectas, achievements etc. from four man content (arenas and dungeons) so you should be flexible with roles and setups. We love minmaxing so it would be pretty great to find people like us.

We play maily tank n DD but both can do both and can switch roles.
Of course we are chill and super friendly with lots of laughs and we do not tolerate toxic and egoistic people. Let's have a good time while progressing some hard content. Also it's a plus if you like to do occasional PvP for some juicy transmutes and BG's.

We are usually online most of the time (night owls too), minus couple times a week raiding and some "real life stuff". You NEED to be able to use discord and have working mic.
We also like to just chit chat and hang out in discord or play other games (rdr2, among us, League of legends, dst) so you welcome to join!

Contact me in disc and introduce yourself if you found us appealing: Outlander#0804
PC - EU / NA

Gaza-dar the Beartamer - Stamina Warden (50)
Akza-dar the Reaper - Necromancer Tonk (50)

"Sometimes the best way to deal with a troublesome person is permanent removal."

@Mrs_Outlander - Raidleader of Trash Pandas
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