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Chal Basement Battalion's #TamrielTogether Video

Sup guys :smile:

We've got some sick PvP bomb videos wrapped up in our #TamrielTogether Guild Contest submission from earlier this month. It doubles as a fun recruitment and love-me video, too, so check it out! It's a LOT to cram into two short minutes.

Shout-out to @Vexwretch for her stellar video recording and editing that made this video possible, as well as all of the members of CBB who helped with filming, raiding, or brainstorming ideas. :heart:

Guild: Chal Basement Battalion (CBB)
Server: PC NA
Campaign: Gray Host
Casualties: At least 4
Breton Magden pretending to be a Nord
GM - Chal Basement Battalion, PvP Guild (Gray Host)
  • Kitja
    Soul Shriven
    Couldn’t be prouder to be part of this amazing group!
  • Rhandee235
    CBB is truly pvp done right. Welcoming people, friendly raids of multiple levels. Best experience in ESO I've ever had.
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