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Is the robot in the game not punished?

Soul Shriven
I found a lot of robots in the game, they swarmed, seriously damaged the balance of the game,
They are online 7 * 24 hours a day. I suggest that you increase the refresh time of animals by more than 5 times, so as to inhibit their behavior. I also hope that you can have online customer service to check and ban their accounts
Such behavior is disgusting, disgusting, and &shaming]upsetting the balance of the game
This is the picture and evidence that I collected very hard
I promise it's definitely Jinnong and robots!!!!!!!!!

ngry gold farmers and robots,,


[Edit to remove profanity and Naming
Edited by ZOS_Bill on November 15, 2020 6:33PM
  • ZOS_Bill

    You can find instructions on reporting players on Xbox in the link below.

    How do I report a player on console?
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  • THC_Styx
    Soul Shriven
    These robots have been at the same place for almost a year now. Harvesting mudcrabs??? 24/7. Tried to mess with them, but for some reason the character is unreachable. The robot character name is showing - and changing though.

    If I remember correctly, this location is at the northwester part of Alik.

  • DoggedBark24
    Found I think 8 more here in the middle of Sentinel selling.

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