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Screenshots not being saved - apparent AVG issue

Soul Shriven
Hello all. I take regular screenshots using the Print Screen button, which are saved to the default folder. However from Monday this week nothing is getting saved, although I still get the in-game message telling me it has.

I am currently working from home, and on Monday a new client was installed to give me remote access to our work systems. I don't claim to understand how this works but I think it involves OneDrive, and I've heard of this causing problems with screenshots before. The timing also seems more than coincidental.

I'd be really grateful for any help - happy to provide further details on my setup!
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  • Nestor
    Add an exception to AVG for ESO and ESO Launcher, and probably One Drive.


    Use Windows Defender, has less issues that AVG. Not blaming AVG per say, but MS does things to the OS to make third party AV programs problematical. My mom had to give up on AVG as it was messing with her quilting programs, of all things. So, sometimes bow to the inevitable and just use Defender, which is quite good in fact. I don't have to use exceptions on my system running Defender, but I also don't allow One Drive either.
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