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Australian/NZ & Oceanic region guild! (other servers welcome!) LFM

Soul Shriven
Eternal Atake (PC/NA)

We are a new upcoming guild that is focused on trial/progression groups. We are looking for new members preferably from Aus/NZ, Oceanic region. Any regions are welcome!

We are currently looking to complete our vTrial prog groups. We run on AEDT (Australian Eastern Daylight Time)

Tuesday:8pm-10pm AEDT
Wednesday: 8pm-10pm AEDT

• We have active members who are willing to help with anything in a short notice.
• We are planning to begin normal/veteran trials with informative knowledge that can benefit you & others.
• We do other PVE content such as; daily pledges, dungeon achievements and many more.
• Small community that are all eager to learn and push for harder contents.
• We also have an active discord where we can stay connected to all members.

Interested? If the timetable suits you, or just want to socialise? come and join us to build a community for the players. Looking for all roles and no, we do not have requirements so feel free to join!

PM if interested In-game: @Essentialplayer or reply to the post!.
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