The Scribes of Fate DLC and Update 37 base game patch are now available to test on the PTS! You can read the latest patch notes here:
Maintenance for the week of February 6:
• PC/Mac: No maintenance – February 6
• EU megaservers for maintenance – February 7, 9:00 UTC (4:00AM EST) - 17:00 UTC (12:00PM EST)
• NA megaservers for patch maintenance – February 8, 4:00AM EST (9:00 UTC) - 10:00AM EST (15:00 UTC)
• EU megaservers for patch maintenance – February 8, 9:00 UTC (4:00AM EST) - 15:00 UTC (10:00AM EST)

Official Discussion Thread for "Nov. 13 @ 4PM EST—Rich Takes on Vateshran Hollows!"

This is the official discussion thread for the blog article "Nov. 13 @ 4PM EST—Rich Takes on Vateshran Hollows!"

Can ESO’s Creative Director complete Markarth’s solo arena on veteran difficulty? Tune in to ESO Live this week as we put our own Rich Lambert to the test!
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  • VaranisArano
    Glad to see the blog article's title is spelled correctly. :smiley:

    (Thanks for fixing it here!)
    Edited by VaranisArano on November 13, 2020 5:55PM
  • Colecovision
    If he does it with a mag character, it doesn't count.

    If he does it with and ORC it also doesn't count.

    He needs to show us he can do it for real.
  • WiseSky
    no death on veteran ....
    For the giveaway...
    So no giveaway
    Immersive Quests Addon
    Wish to Quest without Quest Way Markers? ''Talk to the Hooded Figure'' Turns into ''Talk to the Hooded Figure, who is feeding the chickens near the southeastern gate in the city of Daggerfall in Glenumbra.'' If you Wish To write bread crumbs clues for quest for other players to experience come join the team!
    List of Immersion Addons
  • Firstmep
    Pls do it on vet, on a Magicka toon, on the live server, with the current patch.
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