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Mysteries of the Fish People

  • Chaos2088
    Well we have plently of beast like races on Nirn, would not supprise me that there are some aquatic ones lurking in the depths....

    Love how Zos are hinting at opening the lore up for additions everywhere, would be cool to meet these fish people.....or by going by the book make sure not the cross paths with them. lol
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  • Benzux
    Fairly sure the tale in this book speaks of the Falmer, the degenerate descendants of the once glorious Snow Elves.

    "At first the clan thought these creatures to be goblins, yet these goblins were hairless, eyeless, and had dead-gray skin like that of a fish."

    Definitely a description of a Falmer. Goblin-like? Check. Hairless? Check, though female Falmer do seem to have hair. Eyeless? Check. Dead-grey skin? Also check. Living in caves and attacking surface-dwellers in the dark of night also fits with what the Falmer are known for.
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  • Iccotak
    a race that lives in Blackreach who are hairless, eyeless, with grey skin. Yeah that's the Falmer
  • Eporem

  • cynicalbutterfly
    Eporem wrote: »


    Oh look that nice old man is taking a nap... Odd place to nap but each their own.
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