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Spindle one glitch.....

On the last boss we get stuck in place and cannot move. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there a solution?
  • newtinmpls
    Since last patch I've had many episodes of suddenly nothing will fire, my character will kind of "jerk" and then nothing happens.

    Sometimes /reloadui works
    Sometimes I have to leave the game and come back.
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  • mobicera
    Happened to me last night.
    Aoe drops I move out drop blockade then I just start running in place.
    All my skills grey out, I can't move or cast anything.
    So I just had no choice but to stand there, since there was no tank after the first aoe that froze me, the spider came to me and aoe again, death fixed the issue.
    I mean honestly what the heck.
    This patch shouldn't have been released in its current state.
    You can't la weave, you get skill delays.
    And this crap?
    I can't raid, I can't even just do casual dailies...

  • Yuka_Relinquere
    Soul Shriven
    This has been happening to me in Spindleclutch I as well as Cradle of Shadows. It happens consistently when there is an AOE on the ground which you need to move out of. I have a suspicion it may have to do with tethering/pull mechanics, but I cannot entirely verify that.

    Death, relog, leaving instance appears to be the only ways to currently fix it.
  • Gracous
    WE found that doge rolling out of the AOE helps us not get stuck.
  • El_Borracho
    Gracous wrote: »
    WE found that doge rolling out of the AOE helps us not get stuck.

    Its not that one-shot AOE. Its when the boss drops the spiders. Someone routinely gets stuck in a moonwalk. Have to wait to have to boss pull you in on one of her web pulls or die to break it. Its a glitch
  • Gracous
    Hopefully it will get fixed on Dec 7.
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