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Training Gear

Hello, I am a returning player to ESO been reading online about training gear, Was wondering if anyone would be able to craft me any training gear or have any spare training, I am a Level 25 Magicka Templar.

Thank you so much in advance

Best Answer

  • Sceptic_Maggot
    Forgot to add I am Europe Server Xbox One
    Light Armour
  • Sceptic_Maggot
    Ohhhh i did not know this! Thank you!!
  • LadySinflower
    There is a difference between training gear, in other words Gear from the Training set, and training gear that is crafted for you with the training trait but from any craftable set that exists in the game. I am on the NA server or I would offer to help you. What set or sets are you looking for, or do you just want the set "training?" I hope this isn't confusing for you. I apologize if it is. Maybe someone else can elaborate better than me.
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