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Lore Bookshelves

Hi All

I was wondering how important the lorebooks are which are hidden in bookshelves.

I like tonfind them all , however sadly you cannot know in which bookshelves they are hidden. Its different with notes and books and scrolls which you can find in the world easily by using a add-on.

How can i easily know which bookshelves have lore ? I want to avoid to have to open ALL of them every single time just for the sake of completing the lore library achievement.

How do lore from bookshelves compare to scrolls and notes hidden in the world ? Are they both part of eiditic memory?

I know you can find every location of lore by right clicking on it when you are in your library menu. However there must be a simpl solutuion for bookshelf-lore right?

Is there an add on which shows in which bookshelves you can find your lore ?

Thaaaaanks for your answers
  • Aigym_Hlervu
    I think this is not the question of lore study at all. Try asking it in the "Add-Ons & UI Mods" section.
  • MaurnaFrost
    Essentially you can't. There are books known to only be in certain areas, for example, if you missed some of the books during a quest in Auridon, you can find them in bookshelves in Auridon and Grahtwood. Once you have all those books, you don't need to continue looking at those shelves.

    But as far as I've been able to find, there is no current addon to say 'look here but not there.' You have to look up locations on your own for things that you are missing.
  • idk
    There are different types of books. What we find on the ground in both Mage's Guild books and other books are in known locations and add-ons can tell you that. Well, they can show you where they are on the map.

    I think there is a reason why there are not addons to track where books on bookshelves are. I have heard they do change location but I think that is more complicated that Zos would have made it.

    How important are they? idk. I do not pay attention to that type of achievement. I try not to be a completionist as I would get really OCD about it.
  • TrofoHawk
    And then there are lorebooks broken and have been for years and dont bother asking for it to be fixed, people have... and they've just been banned or ignored sadly 😔

    Had hoped for more focus on the lorebooks in eso, as there are almost 5000 of them, if you include the motifs.

    One such book is the Tome of the Undaunted, which the lorebook hunters are eagerly trying to get fixed but is only met with bans and silence...

    But best of luck in your hunt for the other lorebooks, there are forum pages to help out if needed 😊👍
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