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[Guild] Solo Academy - Looking for those interested in the ways of solo play!

Welcome Challenger!

The ESO Solo Academy is a newly created guild that's purpose is to educate and train individuals in the ways of solo play. We are currently looking for veteran and new players to fill up our ranks. Our discord offers places to share and workshop builds, as well as gloat about your impressive exploits!

Our Ranking system is completely merit based and is as follows:

Kaal– The first rank above that of a coward. To earn this you must slay a world boss single-handedly. Not just any world boss however, the world boss must of a worthy enough difficulty, any DLC world boss will earn you this rank (Some base-game as well). The first steps of earning your way into the ranks of glory is to accomplish that task. You can obtain the proof of this accomplishment by linking a screenshot of your combat metrics after-action report for the fight.

Bruniik – You may have slain that world boss, but how will you fare in a dungeon by yourself? Link a veteran solo completion in order to advance to this rank. Proof of this completion can be obtained by linking a screenshot of your logs from the dungeon via https://www.esologs.com/
Note: Completing a hard-enough dungeon may advance you straight to the next rank!

Kroniid – You’re a tough warrior, I’ll give you that. In order to earn this rank, you must now complete both solo veteran trials. vMA (Veteran Maelstrom Arena) and vVH (Veteran Vateshran Hollows). Proof of this can be obtained by linking a screenshot of the achievements you receive for each respective task.

Zoor – What must be done to obtain this rank has only been accomplished by less than 5% of the community. Complete vMA’s “Perfect Run” Achievement by not dying a single time during your run, and complete vVH’s “The Vateshran’s Chosen” Achievement by completing the trial without any sigils, deaths, and within 45 minutes. Proof of this can be obtained by linking screenshots of the respective achievements for each task.

We will be holding several PvE events in the future utilizing esologs.com to award points for completing different solo tasks. The winner of each event will be granted a unique title aside from their rank in the guild on our discord and a glorious prize of gold of course.

Please reply to this thread or send me a message in-game @ICantPlay for an invite. You can also apply in-game. We are currently also looking for staff, but they will need to prove their worth first.

(Website coming soon....)
Discord: https://discord.gg/FAvcUTkmPe
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Since everyone seems to be doing this,
DPS Builds:
- Magicka Sorcerer (Pet) [Flawless Conqueror @ 565CP] - 582k
- Magicka Nightblade [Flawless Conqueror @ 780CP] - 575k
- Stamina Sorcerer [Flawless Conqueror @ 420CP] - 560k
- Magicka Classless [Flawless Conqueror @ 810CP] - 540k
- Magicka Templar [Stormproof] - 550k
- Magicka Warden [Stormproof] - 510k
- Stamina Templar [In Development]
- Stamina DK [In Development]
- Stamina NB [Under 50]
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