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Lantern Quest Update: Infernal maw arms pack effect works as a torch.

So while the treasure hunter personality is disappointing compared to almalexia's lantern, after a while its convincing enough to suspend disbelief of having a lamp at night and in delves.

While mucking around the crown store recently, had a look at those weapon skins.. at first glance they're very average, but when previewed in game, they have a flame effect on all of them.. which did cast a glow on your character in the preview window. Since this is a problem with treasure hunter.. i took a gamble and yes it works!

For an extra 2.5k you can have the torch glow effect when your weapons are out too!

I was kinda hoping that because the bow at least is burning in 2 points, the glow might have a larger radius than the treasure hunter personality.. but it doesn't.. its still that teeny tiny circle under your feet. Better than nothing though.

ps. The designs were all lesser than what i have currently.. except the staff.. the staff is absolutely awesome.

So what's it going to take to change the lamp radius? Its barely bigger than circle shadows from early days in wow.
  • Kiyakotari
    Yeah, many of the monster weapons cast a decent amount of light when they're out.
  • opaj
    Nice find. I absolutely adore the staff, but I don't 2.5k-crowns adore it. Haha.
  • winterscrolls229prerb18_ESO
    opaj wrote: »
    Nice find. I absolutely adore the staff, but I don't 2.5k-crowns adore it. Haha.

    Nice. I'm pretty much out of things to get.

    - Skimpy armor: bought, and eso must be frumpy, and the new vampire outfit isn't close.
    - Mounts: Almost had buyers remorse after getting a limited monthly one. Only because i only use one mount. And senches are the only good mounts so new ones are limited in the first place.
    - I've convinced myself i don't need the store assistant. Esabi is enough, so wont reach for this unless its fallen in my lap cheap.
    - DLC: I had all these ideas about why i needed access, guild traders etc.. but from a long time with no store sales to scratch the itch.. wisdom grew that im already in yellow gear, have successfully kept away from doing any serious multiplayer.. and rawlka exists they would have to make that place bad before i lived anywhere else. Why would anyone buy dlc when you can just go there.

    Sorry i guess i bought the shop and should just go play the game now :P

    EDIT: I just realised some of above might sound too trivial or petty.. but all my views on the crown store are from long adaptation to the predatory cash shop practices that have been done since the first day.. encouraging double dipping with the sub, the pricing of items vs sub crowns, the limited purchasing options for crowns that attempt to herd you into spending exactly how much they decide they want from you every time etc. If you don't have a cynical attitude to the crown store as default you have to accept you're getting screwed over.. so i took the approach of cynicism combined with keeping as much blood in the stone as possible yet still getting my shinies. Zos aren't that kindly grandparent shop keeper.
    Edited by winterscrolls229prerb18_ESO on November 12, 2020 4:06AM
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