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teso vateshran buffs

hi it is random whether you find 3, 4 or five additional essences (the blue balls -> which improve the resources)
I can't manage the final boss. Had he made it on the first attempt with a total of 8 additional balls and now I'm only missing two. Should you stop and restart the attempt in the hope of getting more balls?
  • Dubsky
    Soul Shriven
    Balls can be in various spots and even be stuck in the ground, only spotable by sound or few particle effects.
    2 orbs don't make any difference tbh.
    I usually only get the initial buff and get every Orb that doesn't cost me any time to get. 2k more Health or Magicka aren't doing anything.
    PC/EU Healer Main

    [Healer] Breton Templar [2x Godslayer, 4x Tick-Tock, 2x Unchained, 1x Immortal Redeemer]
    [Healer] Altmer Templar
    [Healer] Breton Warden [1x Godslayer, 4x Gryphon Heart, 3x Tick-Tock, 1x Unchained]
    [Healer] Breton Sorcerer [1x Godslayer, 1x Unchained]
    [Healer] Altmer Sorcerer
    [Healer] Altmer Nightblade [1x Unchained]
    [Healer] Breton Dragonknight [1x Unchained]
    [Healer] Breton Necromancer [1x Godslayer, 1x Tick-Tock]
    [Tank] Nord Dragonknight
    [DD] Stamina Warden
    [DD] Stamina Sorcerer
    [DD] Stamina Nightblade
    [DD] Stamina Necromancer

    5x Godslayer | 4x Gryphon Heart | 8x Tick-Tock-Tormentor | 6x Unchained | 1x Immortal (116,6k)
  • Fantalior
    For me this arena belongs to one of the best contents in the game, the system with the collecting is simply breathtaking unfortunately I now have 5 and now only 4 blue balls the endboss nerft just so much because you like to take the damage with you have everything agriebig searched and even found 1 in a stone but 1 still went through the rags. It's a shame I don't do any Speadruns there.
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