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vDSA 7-th arena bug

For the second day in a row, no one in America can pass the vDSA. I checked it yesterday and today, the game consistently makes it possible to reach arena 7. However, in arena 7, all members of the group is crashing, naturally with such a problem it is impossible to pass the arena. Here we can check screenshot from NA server, vDSA leaderboard. No one did not complete vDSA, and screenshot from EU server leaderboard. Strange think with EU server, but just check the screenshot.



  • JSlayer211
    Please fix this urgently, there is gear I need from DSA.
  • Gardarik
    Bump, the bug persists as of now.
  • CrashTest
    Yep. There's even a bug report thread on the bugs forum about it.
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