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What quality will we be able to reconstruct items with U28?

Soul Shriven
Nothing I have read or watched makes this clear. Patch notes say,

"Reconstruction only costs Transmute Crystals when you create the item at the regular quality it drops at, but you can choose to spend additional crafting boosters to upgrade its quality."

So are there any scenarios where we would be able to reconstruct a purple or gold item without spending those purple or gold mats? For instance, trial jewelry drops gold on veteran. If I have a gold VO ring that gets added to my sticker book, will I be able to reconstruct it gold without having to spend chromium platings?
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Best Answer

  • SubduedMage49
    Soul Shriven
    Thank you, @Taleof2Cities! That's kinda what I figured/assumed but I wasn't completely sure.
  • Firstmep
    Yeah, recreating jewelery isn't really going to be worth it, Beacuse of the upgrade mats.
  • trackdemon5512
    Take note that perfected gear only drops in purple. And perfected jewelry only drops in gold. Someone can correct me if I’m wrong but that should mean perfect jewelry sets will all be hold upon reconstruction. If not that seriously needs to be addressed.
  • kringled_1
    Minor correction, perfected Cloudrest jewelry will drop in purple at +2.
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