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ATTN Roleplaying Guilds: Looking for an All-in-One Character Sheet and Rolling System?

Hello all, I'd like to debut a character and dice rolling system I've been working on, ESO Rollplay! ( This system was created to address the shortcomings of other solutions like Discord bots or ESO addons. It allows players to customize their characters' strengths, which will then factor into the rolling system to supplement in-game RP encounters.

The system is designed to keep things streamlined and story focused - players can show up to a session and make their rolls with a minimum of fuss. It can easily be accessed from a browser or mobile device, whichever is more convenient for participating.

How it Works:
Players will need to make an account, and then create one or more characters. Character creation is pretty simple, there's nothing powergamey like levels. Higher skill ranks cost more points, so players will need to be careful in how they specialize their character. They can also write a brief description.

Once a player has made their character, a Game Master will need to create a Rollplay session for that character to be used in. Then the player can join the session with their character. Rollplay sessions are patterned after tabletop gaming - the GM controls the action and has the final say on what happens.

Becoming a Game Master in the system is easy - any player can flag themselves as such in their settings, unlocking access to the GM Screen.

Would you Like to Know More?
I have a small Discord set up for it, feel free to join if you have more questions or would like a demonstration.

* Please note that despite the similar name, ESO Rollplay has no affiliation with ESO-RP.
Stuff for RPers: - A character sheet and dice rolling system for your in-game adventures.
RP Profile Viewer - An ESO addon that allows you to view character profile information from ESO Rollplay directly within ESO!
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