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Wispmothers & Snow Elves

Is it possible? Could it really be that the Wispmothers are some kind of remnant left behind from the time when the Dwemer gave the Snow Elves "refuge" from the wars occurring above the ground? Maybe the Wispmothers are the result of some kind of tonal experiment the Dwemer conducted on the falmer? They kinda look like elves, and they seem a little out of place. Weird.

It kinda makes sense when you think about it. They only appear in Western Skyrim and in underground areas that were inhabited by the Deepfolk.

Also, I'm insanely obsessed with the Dwemer. I'm still new to Elder Scrolls and I've been absorbing all the lore I can, but there's only so much I can learn in a short period of time. Anything anyone can add to this would be wonderful! I really enjoy reading others' ideas.

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  • Nairinhe
    They only appear in Western Skyrim and in underground areas that were inhabited by the Deepfolk.
    They are everywhere. I never checked, but wouldn't be surprised if they are in every zone.

  • Aigym_Hlervu
    The Wispmother: Two Theories by Mathias Etienne - this is a summary book on the topic containing all the known folk legends regarding those creatures. Wispmothers are found throughout Tamriel (and in even beyond), but there are no trusted accounts that the Falmer lived anywhere else except Skyrim. Though, it is not impossible to imagine some Falmeri witches becoming the Wispmothers, I wouldn't derive the entire species from the Falmeri people. For example, Adreana is a Direnni mage who seems to have turned herself into such a state in order to keep another Direnni necromancer sealed in a tomb and exclude any chance for such an evil to become free again.
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