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Tour of Firebase Salty: Tamriel Military Veterans Guild Home

Our guild on PC/NA, Tamriel Military Veterans (TMV), is comprised of active duty military and military veterans. When I decided to build a guild home for us, I wanted to do something a little different. I wanted to create a place that sort of blended the typical Tamriel "outpost" or "fort" with that of a modern military firebase. Of course, we don't have howitzers and sandbags in the game, so I had to do that part subtly. There are a great number of easter eggs and silly things in the base that would probably only register in the minds of someone who served.

It isn't as "fancy" and downright mind-blowing as some of the amazing things I've seen here posted by some folks, but nevertheless, here are some pics of "Firebase Salty":

At the entrance, looking down the path towards the front gate. Crude palisades and defense spikes line the path, as does an old tree we had to cut down. Can't just have people wandering through all willy nilly, after all!



Of course, the gate is guarded by our new houseguest, Jorn!


The first you see when you come in are our "training grounds", which is a challenging dueling/combat course! As we used to say in the Army: "If it ain't rainin', we ain't trainin'! If it ain't snowin', we ain't goin'! Train to fight. Fight to win!"


Here is an aerial view. Using EHT triggers, the two combatants start their duel as normal, then take positions on the two circles. When the horn blows, they begin fighting! The "dark room" is a special area of the course. Once inside, if a player steps on a pressure plate, the room goes dark, and a secret door opens, allowing them to escape the dark room and roll back out into the open. There are some other goodies in the course, but I won't bore you with them now :)


The Quartermaster's dock is always bustling with activity! Supplies come in via boats, and all manner of crafting stations are available there. Rumor has it that the QM has come upon an artifact of great power that is alleged to be able to transmute gear. He has moved that off the docks and into the jungle nearby for safety.


Some closeups of the dock area:







An area off the dock features a portal which takes you to our secondary outpost with the attuned crafting stations:


Much to the dismay of the QM, the resident smuggler has set up camp near the dock as well, looking to pinch something valuable!


Aerial shots of the barracks and stable areas:



Most of our troops have pretty squared away quarters!


Except for 1st squad ... they're well ... a bit hesitant to get with the program. Not everyone is cut out for the military, after all!




It isn't unusual get a little nicked up on the combat course, or out in the bush fending off monsters and the like. Rest assured, doc's gotcha covered!


Periodically, we need to confine a member for their behavior, or perhaps detain a prisoner for questioning. This brig looks like it will hold!


Rumor has it that one of our troops has apparently decided to run a little rogue moon-sugar operation on the side. I'm sure it is well-concealed, but we'll find it eventually!



Work hard, play hard! The lounge is a great place for troops to relax in between the challenges of combat:


Something is always cooking at the mess hall!




The wash rack down by the beach ... whether washing uniforms or washing your rear end, we can't have the funk among us:



Hope you enjoyed!
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