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PTS Patch Notes v6.2.3

Community Manager
The Elder Scrolls Online v6.2.3 activates the Midyear Mayhem event for testing this week and includes many fixes for Vateshran Hollows and Markarth quests. Additionally, you’ll find several fixes and adjustments to combat abilities and item sets, along with fixes for housing, various UI elements, and more. The size of this patch is approximately 470MB.

  • New Features / Updates / Big Changes
  • Template Updates
  • Fixes & Improvements
    • Chapters & DLCs
      • Greymoor
      • Markarth
    • Combat & Gameplay
      • Combat & Abilities
      • Itemization & Item Sets
    • Base Game
      • Dungeons & Group Content
      • Events & Celebrations
      • Housing
      • Miscellaneous
      • UI
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    Midyear Mayhem
    It feels like it just happened, but Midyear Mayhem once again returns to Cyrodiil and the Imperial City for testing! Complete your introduction with Predicant Maera (or continue where you left off last time) to receive your Scroll of Pelinal’s Ferocity. Then, dive into Cyrodiil for the glory of your alliance!
    • Pelinal’s Midyear Boon Boxes are rewarded for completing daily quests in Cyrodiil or the Imperial City, or as a bonus reward with Rewards for the Worthy mails you receive.
      • These boxes contain a variety of goodies ranging from Tel Var Stones to Cyrodiil repair kits or soul gems, as well as a chance for Cyrodiil style pages, Daedric siege weapons, transmute geodes, or… chew toys? I wonder what those are for!
    • You can earn a total of 3 Event Tickets per day during this event. The first 2 come from completing any daily quest that focuses on Cyrodiil or Battlegrounds. You may earn an additional ticket by completing an Imperial City District daily quest.
    • In addition to the rewards from previous Midyear Mayhems, this year’s new outfit style is the Ebonsteel Armor. Style pages for this armor have a chance to drop from bosses in the Imperial City, but are also available from the Impresario for 5 tickets each.
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    • Characters created using the Markarth (Maximum Level) template can now craft in the Greymoor and Sea Giant styles.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
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    • Fixed an issue where some options were present in the Scryable menu when not applicable in Gamepad Mode.
    • Fixed issue where the All Active Leads section of the Antiquity Codex was not properly filtering out items you did not have leads for.
    • Fixed a UI error that could occur in the Antiquities Codex while in Gamepad Mode. 

    • Removed a pair of trolls that were loitering around the entrance to Shalidor’s Shrouded Realm.
    • The map of Solitude that you see in Snowmelt Suite and Proudspire Manor now includes pins for the various locations in the city, instead of being ominously empty.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed multiple visual issues for the following Motifs and masks:
      • Wayward Guardian Motif
      • Arkthzand Armory Motif
      • Ancestral Reach Motif
      • Nighthollow Motif
      • Mask of Bloody Passions
      • Mask of Entangled Paths
      • Pentarch Vassal’s Oathmask
    • Fixed multiple issues with how the Nightflame Mask/Shoulders and Opal Nightflame Mask/Shoulders would fit on characters.
    • Fixed a visual issue with tints and color dyeing on the Arkthzand Flanged Auspice Shroud and Arkthzand Anfractuosity Shroud.

    Vateshran Hollows Arena
    • General
      • Your character will no longer take fatal fall damage when rapidly using grapple points and then landing on a platform.
      • The Void effects within the Choosing no longer disappear after all three wings are cleared.
      • Rites Matron will now correctly refer to “voidstuff” rather than “void stuff” in all conversations. I mean, what even IS “void stuff” anyway?
      • Vateshran Chosen and Hollows Hustler now correctly state when the timer starts.
      • Renamed Essence of Magicka to the more appropriate Essence of Mysticism.
      • Caddgarn will no longer prompt you to meet the Rites Matron if you have already spoken to her.
    • Brimstone Den
      • The Pyrelord’s spoken line and printed dialogue now match more closely.
      • Dremora Kyngald no longer erroneously award points on death.
    • Hunter’s Grotto
      • The Bristleback gatekeeper’s Thrash ability will now consistently charge enemies.
      • Improved performance when fighting the Shade of the Grove.
      • If you return to the arena after having defeated the Shadow of the Grove encounter, you will no longer be blocked by unopened vine doors.
      • Rahdgarak’s Clobber ability will no longer have a chance to hit your character grappling away during his wind up.
    • The Wounding
      • Added platforms underneath each of the wall mounted grapple posts to better prevent your character falling to their death inexplicably, especially in high latency situations.
    • Champion’s Circle
      • Void creatures will now correctly despawn when Maebroogha is defeated.

    • Updated the hints for some Skyshards found in the Reach to be consistent with hints elsewhere in the game.
    • Fixed an issue which could cause some items rewarded from the Markarth Daily Reward Coffers to drop at the wrong level.
    • Non-perfected ability-altering weapons from Vateshran Hollows and Blackrose Prison no longer drop for players below level 50, to be consistent with our other arenas.
    • Fixed several typos related to the word "aetherium".

    • Edited the "Markarth Master Burglar" achievement for accuracy.
    • Swapped the order of the “Peered into the Abyss” and “Nowhere Beyond Your Reach” achievements.
    • Moved the Void Rot as a reward for completing the “Peered into the Abyss” achievement.
    • Delve quests will now properly count towards progress of the “Reach Grand Adventurer” achievement.

    • Corner benches in the Markarth Dwarven style are now fully functional seats.
    • Fixed an issue that caused the roof of the central hall in Stone Eagle Aerie to become slippery. You can once again walk naturally on this roof, as nature intended.
    • Adjusted the distant vista in Stone Eagle Aerie to feel a little more natural.
    • Fixed a section of running water in Stone Eagle Aerie that had a small gap along one edge.
    • Adjusted a lantern furnishing so that it’s no longer sunken into one of the walls in Stone Eagle Aerie.

    • Understone Keep will now properly be marked as a discovered POI upon entry.
    • Fixed various floating assets found throughout the zone.
    • Fixed an issue causing Nelldena to display the wrong greetings during the cooldown period of Harrowstorm Daily Quests.
    • Added invisible collision at the base of the stairs in Arkthzand Cavern to prevent your character from getting stuck.

    • Betrayal at Briar Rock: Fixed an issue where Medone would not greet you during a particular step of this quest.
    • By Love Betrayed:
      • Adusa-daro will no longer sheath and unsheathe her weapons repeatedly.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Boss Trenlor's Chalice to spawn underground, potentially blocking quest progress.
      • Kathad will now properly display vampiric mist effects when vanishing from sight.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Adusa-daro to fall through the floor during a scene.
    • Feast of Souls:
      • Lady Belain will no longer teleport your character into the ground.
      • Lady Belain has learned to use her wings and will now fly during the encounter. We knew she could do it!
    • Kingdom of Ash: Fixed an issue where Lyris could display the wrong posture.
    • Second Chances:
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Lyris to repeat a greeting when she shouldn’t.
      • Fixed an issue with various quest assist pins not pointing to the right locations.
      • Fixed an issue where Prince Irnskar could display a talk prompt at the wrong time.
    • The Awakening Darkness:
      • Fixed an issue that could cause your character to become stuck outside the Chamber of the Dead in Lost Valley Redoubt.
      • Nathari will no longer teleport away before she finishes speaking to you in the Lost Valley Redoubt.
      • Fixed an issue where Hila could display a talk prompt at the wrong time.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause Bradan and his companions to appear stuck in Lost Valley Redoubt.
    • The Dark Heart:
      • Fixed an issue where some items associated with this quest would not appear or could appear doubled in your inventory.
      • You will now be pointed back to the main doors of Nighthollow Keep for all the steps that take place within the Keep.
      • Verandis now has a custom camera for the end of this quest so appropriate features are shown during the end conversation.
      • Verandis will no longer walk out during a conversation while in Nighthollow Keep.
    • The Despot of Markarth: Improved the timing and voiceover for scenes during this quest.
    • The End of Eternity:
      • Fixed various quest assistance pin issues occurring during this quest.
      • Fixed an issue where a quest interaction would forcibly change your perspective from first person to third person view.
      • Fixed an issue where a quest interaction could cause your character to fall from a ledge in Bthar-Zel.
      • Added proper error messaging to a locked door in the Halls of Arkthzand.
      • Fixed some clipping issues with quest items and assets in Bthar-Zel.
      • Made various animation improvements to the lab sequence in the Halls of Arkthzand.
      • Made various improvements to timing and voiceover for scenes during this quest.
      • Reaching the Nighthollow Archives during this quest will now update quest progress more naturally.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to talk over each other in the Halls of Arkthzand, Arkthzand Orrery and Understone Keep.
      • You can now interact with Fennorian after the ritual in the Halls of Arkthzand.
      • Fixed an issue that could cause NPCs to talk over each other in Bthar-Zel.
      • Fixed an issue with a door that would place you in the wrong location. That’s not how doors work. 

    • Fixed an issue where the Help Category for the Markarth DLC did not have its own icon.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Fixed an issue where tether abilities and sets, such as Shocking Siphon or Stone Husk, were not properly treated as Area of Effect Damage for bonuses such as Ancient Knowledge or Major Evasion.
    • Fixed an issue where pets would behave erratically if Prevent Attacking Innocents was set. Their primal urges to kill all who dare stand in front of their master has been mostly quelled.
    • Fixed an issue where using some abilities, such as Shield Wall, could desync your Stamina while blocking.
    • Fixed an issue where projectile impacts could appear delayed on your client when weaving them with Heavy Attacks.

    Buffs and Debuffs
    • Minor Brittle: Fixed an issue where this debuff could be applied when not actively wielding a Frost Staff in some cases.

    • Ardent Flame
      • Dragonknight Standard: Fixed an issue where this Ultimate and its morphs would stop dealing damage if the caster began using a cast or channel time ability.

    • Siphoning
      • Catalyst: This passive can once again be used outside of combat.
        Developer Comment:
        After monitoring the feedback from the recent adjustments to item sets and this passive, we agreed that class passives are not a fair comparison to item sets as passives are built in and cannot be removed, while item sets are designed with the thought that you will always wear them if you are attempting to utilize their bonus. Moving forward, we will ensure that item sets that generate Ultimate only do so while in combat, as well as buff effects with durations such as Major and Minor Heroism. Classes that can currently generate Ultimate outside of combat will remain as such, since they help reinforce the playstyle and roles that they try to bring to life.

    • Destruction Staff
      • Wall of Elements:
        • Wall of Frost and its morphs will now cost 4050 Magicka at base, rather than 3780.
        • Removed the 25% damage penalty that these abilities inherited for their new affixes they were given.
        Developer Comment:
        With these adjustments, we hope that damage dealers will feel less penalized than before when using Wall of Frost and its morphs, especially when utilizing the new Magicka restore function of Destruction Expert which will naturally occur when properly using Wall of Frost and its morphs.

    Crafted Sets
    • Aetherial Ascension: Reduced the penalty to your Block, Sprint, Dodge, and Break Free costs to 20%, down from 25%.
      Developer Comment:
      This set is meant to allow you to easily reach Armor cap and being able to obtain other stats in their place, but at the cost of your core combat skills being less reliable. The penalty is relatively high, as at this point there are many easy ways to reduce the costs of these core combat skills through things such as Champion Points, passives, and Armor traits, and we will continue to monitor the impact of the penalty on a build that keeps those in mind.
    • Red Eagle’s Fury: This set now increases the cost of your Weapon abilities by 5%, rather than increasing the cost of your non-Weapon abilities. This change is made to keep up the theme of a martial-focused build that grants a larger bonus to its specialization, but at a cost – similarly to New Moon Acolyte.

    Dungeon & Arena Sets
    • Bani’s Torment: Fixed an issue where the Major Vitality from this set was not lost when the beam broke.
    • Sergeant’s Mail: This set’s bonus damage for Heavy Attacks will once again no longer apply to Dual Wield’s off-hand strike.
      Developer Comment:
      While we had recently adjusted this to work, it has proven too burst enabling in PvP, especially when paired with other Heavy Attack sets.
    • Sheer Venom:
      • Reduced the damage this set deals to 6576 over 6 seconds, down from 8766 over 6.
      • Fixed an issue where this set had a higher chance of applying the Poisoned status effect than intended.
    • Syvarra’s Scales:
      • Fixed an issue where this set was ignoring its own cooldown in some cases.
      • Fixed an issue where this set would stop working if you entered a new zone.

    Mythic Items
    • Pearls of Ehlnofey: This set can no longer generate Ultimate outside of combat.
    • Right of the Pale Order:
      • This set now heals for 18% of your damage done, up from 15%.
      • Decreased the healing cap to 2750, down from 3750.
      Developer Comment:
      With these adjustments, the set should perform slightly better for sustained pressure builds and PvP in general, while seeing reductions in power from heavy hitting burst attacks in PvE.

    Ability Altering Weapons
    • Executioner’s Blade:
      • This item set now increases the damage done with Hidden Blade by up to 250% on targets under 100% Health (2.5% damage per 1% missing Health), rather than 200% against targets under 25% Health.
      • This set now also restores up to 50% of the cost of Hidden Blade when used on targets under 50% Health. This portion of the attack will also proc when using the free cost version of Flying Blade.
    • Frenzied Momentum: This set can no longer generate stacks while outside of combat, to help reduce the burst damage you can start with in a fight. Note that stacks from previous encounters will still carry over, however, so you do not lose previous effort.
    • Point-Blank Snipe: This set now scales its damage between 5% and 33% based on your distances, rather than granting 33% while 7 meters or closer to your target. The 33% is reached when 3 meters or closer to your target, and rapidly scales down to 5% when at 18.5 meters or more from your target.
      • With this adjustment we expect to see more forgiving gameplay when you try to engage with the Long Shots passive, which operates inversely with this set and is intended due to the huge pay off you get in close range.
    • Wrath of Elements: Increased the damage done with this set to 23710 over 10 seconds, up from 21400 over 10. Each time the tether damage an enemy, it increases in damage by 1%, up to 20 times.
      • With these values, we hope to see more pay off for using this set in Cleave and Area of Effect encounters, while also rewarding staying in range of your opponent.
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  • ZOS_GinaBruno
    Community Manager

    • Crypt of Hearts II
      • Illambris Amalgam
        • Fixed an issue where the Amalgam was invisible and could not be attacked after emerging from the pile of bones.

    Midyear Mayhem
    • Bag of Veteran's Glory containers are now unique to ensure each bag contains valid rewards.
    New Life Festival
    • Old Life Remembrance: Fixed an issue where Petronius marked the map too early in his dialogue.

    • The various vats in the Mad Alchemist Furnishing Pack are now easier to place in the housing editor, and no longer hide themselves beneath surfaces using the align feature.
    • Added the Animated furnishing behavior tag to several of the furnishings from the Mad Alchemist Furnishing Pack to reflect the animated bubbles (and other animations where applicable.)
    • Added a sinister red glow to the various fluid-filled containers in the Mad Alchemist Furnishing Pack.

    • Fixed a rare crash related to sound that could occur randomly.

    • Fixed a number of localization issues regarding number delimiters (commas, decimals, etc).
    • Fixed an issue in the German game client where line breaks could occur when there is a dash and comma next to each other.
    • Updated icon silhouettes for unknown Antiquities and locked collectibles and outfit styles to be more visually distinctive.
    • Fixed an issue that would cause a default icon to appear when affected by a Vampiric Vitality.

    • Fixed an issue where the buff/debuff data being sent to the scripting API was not recognizable by most addons.
    • Added a function to the API to get the Item Set Collection Slot number for a given item link:GetItemLinkItemSetCollectionSlot(string itemLink) returns id64 slot

    • Added the number of Transmute crystals refunded when deconstructing reconstructed items to the crafting loot stream.
    • Fixed an issue in the Russian game client where text in Master Writ tooltips could get cut off.

    Gamepad Mode
    • Fixed an issue where the loot stack count could get cut off in certain languages.
    • Fixed an issue where the options dropdown at the Outfit Station could get stuck on the screen.
    • Fixed an issue where the keybind strip was not being updated when changing between locked and unlocked set items in the reconstruct screen.

    Item Set Collection
    • Added a right-click context menu to the Item Sets Book keyboard set headers to allow for "Expand All" and "Collapse All." Headers that are collapsed will be remembered when switching categories.
    • In the Item Sets screen, unlocked pieces of a set will now be sorted ahead of locked pieces.
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