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Plague Doctor VS Eternal Vigor in ESO

Stats with food: Plague Doctor \ Eternal Vigor

Health: 36,5k 36k
Stamina: 13k 18k
Magicka: 17,5k 22,6k
Regen of Health: 1500 1100 (2100)
Regen of Stamina: 1050 1100
Regen of Magicka: 1050 1100

  • Majkiy
    This is really selfish build.. not a kind of build tank should wear. Your role as a tank is to taunt enemies, make a nice group of enemies for DDs to kill fast and buff and debuff in the process. I have no idea where I would use build like this. Well, maybe in vSO when tanking adds away from the group but that's like one instance and yet you can get better builds for this example.

    This combination of sets would be for total beginners I guess but not for actual good tanks. I personally use Yolnahkhriin and Powerful Assault/Alkosh, depends on team comp and if I am in dung or trial.

    One more thing is that monster set of yours. It's not bad but yet again selfish. Lady Thorn, Bloodspawn, Symphony are better for any situation. Chudan is recommendet for beginners in vBRP but yet again.. if you want resists, you can use Lord Warden so your teammates get the resists too.
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