NPC Furnishing Material Vendors

Greetings All :-)

I would like to make a suggestion regarding finding and buying at least the basic furnishing materials, rather than having to rely on the guild traders, and instead making them available from the NPC merchants in game, either a new type of vendor or maybe via the blacksmith , carpenters, mythic etc. specific to the various types of materials.

To be specific I am mainly thinking about Heartwood, Mundane Rune, Decorative Wax, Bast, Ocher, Regulus, Clean Pelt and such essential furnishing materials.

Everyone who bought the Greymore Chapter and participated in the recent event are now the proud owners of an awesome house which I think is great, nicely done and well done you! BUT.. (theres always a but right... ;-) Next comes the fun and joy of furnishing it, so far so good IF you happen to have a lot of materials stocked or have millions of gold to buy them with.

The ESO market is and probably will always be a supply and demand market, which means overnight the demand for all sorts of furnishing materials greatly increased, so naturally equally fast the prices for these key materials have skyrocketed which makes it a very costly affair to actually furnish these lovely new homes, in other words exclusively those who spend a great deal of time farming for them, or those who have been in the game long enough to understand to turn a good profit from trading and can be bothered with the time this involves.

I find this to be counterproductive, sure there may be those that actually enjoys spending hundreds of hours farming, personally I find it mindbogglingly boring and I think the majority of players like myself play the game for the sake of entertainment rather than grinding it like a choir.

I also think its a loose loose situation for the players as well as your income from selling houses for crowns. It is commonly known that housing is the ultimate end game, but why need it be so? As is because only players that can turn a substantial amount of gold income to afford furnishings one way or another are able to enjoy this side hobby. This need not be so if you would fix the price on these key materials at a reasonable price and make them available via the NPC vendors in unlimited quantities, just like we can buy the basic trait materials from the blacksmiths and potency runes from the enchanters.

I know a lot of players that opt out on housing, not because it doesn't appeal to them but simple because of the price associated with it and that means you loosing out on these people buying houses..

Ill give you a personal example, I love anything Dwemer and Clockwork so naturally The Orbservatory Prior is on the top of my wish list, only as the way things are, I am not buying it cause firstly, with the current prices on furnishing materials I find that ridiculous and flat out refuse to pay that amount, and secondly because of the trouble of gathering enough Dwemer frame for what Id like to build yet alone even finding them up for sale.

I already own quite a few houses and crown bought Classic and Notable homes, Id say aprox. 50K crowns worth most of which are ongoing projects that I am now putting on hold for I'm guessing until somewhere around February next year. It takes a long time for the market to stabilize after such an inflation usually 2-3 month in my experience. On top of this the witches festival and winter festival is soon to come and assuming you are planning to run it as you have previously done this will push up the prices again as it has before.

I think what I suggest here would be a win win for yourself in the form of an increase of crown purchased houses since I believe it will make housing much more attractive to a lot of players that would otherwise not get into this aspect of the game, and a stabilization of the market for furnishing materials would benefit the majority of players as well.

The above mentioned materials would be priority, though it might be worth considering also making some of the hard to get trait materials available as well as essence runes like Rakeipa used for lighting furnishings, Mastic, Grain Solvent, Elegant Lining etc.I could go on and on but Im sure you get the gist.

I am guessing there will be some who will think this a bad idea specifically those who profit from farming, but there are hundreds of things in this game you can farm for besides there materials such as motifs, designs, rare trait materials, popular tradeble armor and weapons such as MS and Briarheart etc. as I see it the only ones that would really loose out from this are those that manage to run farming bots under the 'radar'!

I hope this will find wide support in the community and look forward to comments and suggestions.

Puc :-)

  • VaranisArano
    Sure, add it to the other materials that you can buy for Tel Var.

    What? That's how ZOS usually deals with supply issues for stuff like Columbine and cornflower. Plus it gives PVP players a shot at earning it, just like other max level mats like rubedite, or selling it, like hakeijo.

    Okay, maybe it's not ideal for all players, but its in line with other ways ZOS has tried to balance the market without directly setting price ceilings on stuff.

    But in the short term, you might do better to just be patient and wait until furnishing mat prices drop once the initial rush to decorate the new house NOW goes away.
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