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Premade BG's should have voice comms if we are allowing solo's to enter

If solo's are going to go up against premades who are all probably on discord together, they should be able to communicate as well. Obviously implement some options such as: lower or increase a teammates volume, mute them entirely, mute all, push to talk keybind by default, voice detection with no keybind if wanted, a visual number of your teammates who are connected to the voice chat, and finally an option indicator over your ally when they are talking.
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  • redspecter23
    They could go ahead and implement this (optionally of course) in many other areas of the game. Yes, it would be a very nice option in BG as you suggest, but for similar reasons, it would be beneficial in pug dungeons as well.

    The biggest argument against it is that we have access to discord, which works wonders in groups that are already organized. Pug groups and solo BG players could use an instant one button access to in game voice chat to make the process a bit smoother overall.
  • MurderMostFoul
    Consoles have this integrated. ;)
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  • wheem_ESO
    Consoles have this integrated. ;)
    Yea, but then you have to play with a console and a silly controller :(
  • wylievc
    Agree. Add the functionality and enable it by default in automatic grouping content. Allow the option to disable it permanently. Discord is not the same thing, you won't be adding that 1 pug to your discord group for a single random matchup.
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