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Please help! Advice for duelling and BGs.

Hey all, I've been away from ESO since before the vampire stuff came out. I've come back to try it and see what it's like, but I have to say I'm finding it very frustrating. All the stuff I used before now seems to be rubbish. I've tried out doing pvp on a magplar, a stamplar and a magden. I find the same problem with all of them. People can burst me down almost instantly, my heals feel very weak and my damage is even worse - I can't get a good player below 90%. I am fairly sure the gameplay hasn't changed that much so I can only thing that it must be my build. Please help!

Build wise, I've scrapped my tanky sets and tried new moon / clever alchy on stamplar, bright throat / war maiden on my magplar and ice furnace / winterborn on my magden. All terrible. Please help!
  • MurderMostFoul
    "bright throat / war maiden on my magplar"

    Seems functional. In BGs, CP won't be an issue (as long as you have at least 160 and 160cp gear). I'd say gold out your stuff, weapons at a minimum, make sure your buffs are up, stick near your team, and practice.
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  • Astrid
    Also learn how each class plays. Example being you don’t want to be in close quarters with a DK for long as mag or stam they will CC and DoT you to death, a sorc you don’t want them to be at range for too long as they don’t need to be anywhere near you to burst you and can become pressured quickly up close (minus if they’re smart with streak), a warden - mag or stam will cast sub assault because they’re predicable, get behind them when you see them cast it ect ect. Then learn class weakness and use it against them, just remember your own too. A good player will take one look at your class and determine the best way to burst you down. Don’t rely on burst healing alone, keep a HoT up and a form of damage mitigation and don’t jump into a 1vX unless you’re completely confident. Kiting in BGs isn’t as easy as Cyro and chances are the full team will jump on you and spam you to death.
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  • Beardimus
    Where's the rest of your setup, stats etc?

    There have been a few changes. Also this patch in pvp land there's some mega cheese going on. Proc city
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  • Valdek
    Thank you for your replies. I mean, in BGs it's not actually so bad as I usually kill other people a lot more than I die myself (though I guess it never feels that way). My biggest issue is duelling in Alik'r. As I said, before I wasn't actually too bad and got to the stage where I could often beat people and if I couldn't, I could usually put up a good fight and reach a stalemate. Now however, I get absolutely annihilated. xD

    Including CP (and not looking at stats in a pvp zone), I tend to aim for:
    - between 2k and 3k regen of my primary stat
    - 25k+ armor
    - 3k crit resistance
    - 25k health

    Problem is that by building up such defense, my offence hits like a wet noodle vs good duellers. Other players in duels appear to be far tankier with stronger healing and hit much harder.
  • Waffennacht
    IMO most monster sets are now subpar. Bal is the only definitive keeper IMO
    In no CP Malacath is a huge factor - also negates your crit resistance entirely
    Non-health baded heals are weaker than before
    Health pools are bigger now (25k is the low end now)

    Cant say much about duels but no CP BGs are: Gankers, Procs and Tanks there are stat based builds but im not entirely sure what they run, things like EV, Bal, and stuhn or something
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  • Valdek
    Very interesting, Waffennacht! I suppose that I better spend some time levelling antique hunting if I want to keep playing ESO then. I also seriously need more bank space after all these changes and new item sets xD
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