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Khajiiti Embassy to Skyrim (Antiquarian Gallery House)

I originally mentioned I would turn the Home in Solitude into an Embassy themed house as most of my characters are Khajiit, I could claim it as a mission to the Nords from Queen Khamira. Never did purchase it, just didn't feel right enough. But now that we've been given a REALLY pretty West Skyrim Home complete with massive exteriors, water features etc, as well as the interior basically resembling a Yarl's Longhouse, I spent the last several hours bringing all of my furnishings over to it from Lucky Cat Landing.

Here's the Khajiiti Embassy to Skyrim!


Courtyard has several Elsweyr style furnishings like lampposts and banners. The small area on the right side of the house I turned into a Stables using Elsweyr Walls, stones, and wood planks.


The main hall is the greet and meet room for Embassy business. The Diplomat sits in the Snow Elf chair at the end, flanked by their aids, Ezabi and Fezez. One of my Senche mounts circles the room. Behind the table at the end is a sort of office area for the Diplomat.


Kitchen on the left to serve food and refreshments for staff and visitors.


Diplomat's bedroom and bath up on the second floor. I don't know what to do with the third, I just shoved my crafting stations up there for now.


Out front the left side path winds through planted greenery and Khajiiti lighting to the outdoor cabana type area, and the platform I placed my Target Dummy.


I repurposed it into a gathering area for outdoor parties and events, including a stage for entertainment.


And I placed vines all over the rock faces to make the area more green and lively. No idea what to do with that back area.
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