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Can't leave group

Soul Shriven
Hi I was in a PUG for banished cells, a few of them went offline. I am stuck in a group with two others who are off line. I cannot leave group, i cannot disband group. When I go to dungeon selector it says 'a group member has left your group' and gives me the option to find replacement or decline. I have tried to select both options, nothing happens, same thing when I go back to dungeon selector. I have tried to go into craglorn as solo, I'm still in group. I have reset the game and nothing. At moment I can't join any other group or play any group content. Thank you.
  • ZOS_Bill
    We are aware of an issue where players may experience an unending queue. If you are experiencing this issue, we have found a few workarounds that may resolve your issue:
    1. Have another player invite your character to a group.
    2. Have the Group Leader (make sure it isn't the character with the problem) join the queue.
    3. Once joined, have the Group Leader leave the queue.
    4. If the above resolution does resolve your issue, follow the steps detailed below.
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