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I made a post last week pertaining to a guild event I was running. That event turned out to be more of a 7 person happening rather than an "event," and since more effort went into creating said event, I decided to share my creation here.

It was a month-long contest, where on the first of September I shared the first of 16 riddles to be solved by my guild members. Every odd day of the month, a new riddle was released, with 2 riddles being released (in the MotD/Facebook/Band/Xbox Live Club) on the 15th. The first person to take a screenshot of each riddle's solution and send them to me won 1 Million gold and a bunch of other prizes like pets, costumes, emotes, etc. Each correct solution by any member was rewarded with 1k gold as well.

I'm happy to say that the seven people who did participate gave glowing feedback which made it all worth-while, but I still can't help but feel like there's an audience out there that would appreciate this, so I'd like to share those riddles (and solutions) with you here. Maybe some of you run/assist your own guilds and can find a use for these, or maybe inspire you to create your own type of event.

Any and all feedback is welcome.

Riddle 1:
Guild Hall
The crowned dragon cast in stone
A dagger through its heart is shown
Framed within the Earthen tear
And perched within the E'kosti lair

The first riddle was meant to be easy. The "crowned dragon" referenced the dragon statue from the Crown store from a while back, which I bought and have had a home for in our guild hall ever since. The dagger through the heart is the Dark Brotherhood stain-glass window that fits nicely between the dragon's tail and its perch! Earthtear Cavern is our guildhall, and the E'kosti is the name of our guild. Fairly self-explanatory, though not so much if you're not in the guild. Anyway, this was what kicked it all off on September 1.

Riddle 2:
One dark anchor left un-uprooted
Surrounded by shores heavily disputed
Though Lion & Eagle & Dragon devour
None will reside in the palace of power

In an effort not to exclude anyone, all my riddles could be solved from within the base game. Here, a picture of White Gold Tower with the dark anchor above, but taken from the shores surrounding Imperial City. In researching some lore aspects for these riddles, I found the bit about the Imperial Palace (WGT) being thought to have the power to prevent Mundus from merging with Oblivion. It stuck and so I used it.

Riddle 3:
In lands where daggers march to war
Stars are born of good rapport
Above the town 'twixt South & North
Where warriors stay by going fourth

(I did a poor job with my screenshots as I didn't wait for daylight... apologies)
The first line references Craglorn, as one of the "unusually long load" screens explains that these lands are how the Daggerfall Covenant travel to Cyrodiil. Everyone who attempted to solve this riddle got hung up on the second line as they thought it had something to do with Twice-Born Star, which makes sense, but it's actually referencing the leaderboards of Dragonstar Arena. The third line is admittedly the "weaker" part of the riddle, as though Craglorn is separated into northern and southern territory, the town of Dragonstar isn't actually ON the divide, but slightly north of one of the passes from south to north. The last line provided just one more clue for the solution as "fourth" hints at how many players are needed to complete the arena. A play on words, or it just made me sound like an idiot that doesn't grammar well.

Riddle 4:
East of a city where undaunted swarm
And refuge is sought to weather a storm
To falling tears, achievements are granted
From atop a perspective forever slanted

One of the easier riddles, especially if you like to chase the in-game achievements. The first two lines lead us to Wayrest in Stormhaven, specifically the Undaunted Enclave. The last two lines describe the Weeping Giant, from where you can earn an in-game achievement by jumping from the nose called Nose Diver. Mind you, apologies if I'm "dumbing these down" too much, but again, this activity had all players in mind, not just those that have been around since day one.

Riddle 5:
When skins do change and life is new
And yearly comes a festival brew
Beneath the tent of red & white
Sits a house of warning light

The New Life Festival is still one of my favorite in-game events every year. During this yearly event, we get a xp buff after drinking the festival ale, and the Skinchanger motif pages drop in the reward coffers. The quest giver for the whole thing is under a red and white tent, and on the table behind her is one of the Crown store homes, the Enchanted Snow Globe, which is a lighthouse.

Riddle 6:
A pact was made by the Orc City founder
Where adventurers fish for cod and flounder
North-Easterly still, upon opposite shore
Resides a strange, un-openable door

This riddle proved to be one of the more challenging, though I classed it as an easier one. I guess the word "pact" made people think somewhere around Ebonheart territory. Anyway, a simple google search for the Orsinium founder gives you the name of Torug. The craftable set "Torug's Pact" is in 3 locations within Tamriel, one of which is at "Fisherman's Isle." North of the crafting set (just east of Haven, is a small area that some quest brings you to at some point, but I don't remember what it has to do with. What I do know is that the northern door to this location, one that you can get to both sides of, does not open. It's always bugged me, as I can't find a reason as to why it won't open, so I used it for one of my riddles. I still think it's strange, and now a few other players think so as well! (Note: I had one player say that "it's impossible to catch cod and flounder from the same fishing hole," to which I replied "that's correct, but 'flounder' also also a word, not just a fish.")

Riddle 7:
Before the Ruins where Mighty helms fall
A serpent lay still, no slither at all
within his jaw, a light resides
Warmth to travellers, it provides

A little tricky as a DLC is referenced, but again, all the riddles are solved within the base game. Completing veteran Ruins of Mazzatun rewards you with drops of Mighty Chudan helms. Outside of this dungeon, a big stone snake that has a campfire in its mouth.

Riddle 8:
I sit and stare out o'er the ocean
My hands together in spiritual devotion
My end has come, so here I'll stay
Beyond the Lady Elanwe

I liked this one simply for the perspective shift, and yet hate my own screenshot because I shifted the perspective, meaning I liked changing up the riddle format by writing one in the first-person from the perspective of the solution, but I hate that I took the screenshot straight on the subject like this without capturing any of the view from behind the camera. Anyway, I banked on players to either remember, or google, where Lady Elanwe is. Nine-Prow Landing is just North of her, and the closest wayshrine is south of her, so if you continue past her, you encounter a troll. After you kill the troll and circle around the other side of the alter, you'll find this skeleton, praying and looking out over the cliff and upon the ocean. I dunno, I liked it.

Riddle 9:
Alik'r Desert
Off in lands far remote
High above the head's of goat
A view of anchor, you should find
Of players all on the grind

A lot of these I did try to leave clues within the lines for keywords/phrases that could be caught by looking at the maps. Here, the Goat's Head Wayshrine in the Alik'r Desert was the reference. I don't think it's of any surprise to players that people farm the Alik'r dolmens like mad, so why not use all of these elements for a riddle? Next to the wayshrine is a set of stairs that you can climb up to the cliff that overlooks the wayshrine, the goats, the dolmen, and players traveling between the dolmen and wayshrine while grinding out xp. Easy enough!

Riddle 10:
Reaper's March
The angel of death marches on
A house for preacher, whereupon
The fall from grace has turned quite vile
From underneath this domicile

My least favorite. I tried, but just couldn't get it right. But anyway, the "angel of death" is the Grim Reaper, and he marches on... so Reaper's March. The next bit actually learned me something! I looked up what a "manse" was and it's a house for a preacher or spiritual leader. So yeah, that's cool. The Vile Manse Public Dungeon is so because the dungeon is underneath the house. The reason I don't like it is because of the break, I guess. It feels like the picture should be taken from underneath the house, which I accepted for answers as well... and honestly, kinda preferred it.

Riddle 11:
An army contingent of golden beast
Has discovered a way to defeat the deceased
Though the singer of graves has once evaded
I wonder, instead, what the lizard has traded

Nameel is the name of the Argonian Guild Trader at the Lion Guard Redoubt. The banner for the Lion Guard (left of the picture) is signified by a golden paw. If you hover over the redoubt from the map (and have completed the quest) it says "Lion Guard Redoubt; You have figured out a way to defeat the Singer of Graves" or something along those lines. Anyway, I don't remember the quest all that well, but as I was looking around for the thing to write my riddle about, I found Nameel and thought "why not?" So here we are, looking at an Argonian Guild Trader.

Riddle 12:
Bleakrock Isle
Surrounded by the Eastern sea
Amidst mammoth skull and broken tree
A cold, bleak cave that knows no thaw
Death awaits with wing & claw

This was the first riddle I wrote. It's simple, sure, but was the precedent for the rest. The breakdown is pretty easy as well. On an island in the east, looking at the map, you find "Deathclaw." When you go there, there's broken trees and a mammoth skull outside of an icy cave.

Riddle 13:
Pearl in ocean is nothing new
But this one sinks without her crew
I hereby charge you with this quest:
Capture & send me the silver chest

Again, looking at the map and reading the first two lines of the riddle, you can figure out where to go. Lagra's Pearl is a ship that's surprisingly whole! Anyway, travel to the ship, go beneath the flooded deck, and find this silver chest, which is a part of a quest out there, though I don't remember much of that either. I don't remember a lot of things...

Riddle 14:
Malabal Tor
Above a city of mammoth tusk
Below a queen of nereid lust
Upon the shore, she does hold
With warrior blades, bought & sold

I foolishly thought that this was one of the harder riddles. It was the fastest solved of the lot, outside of the very first one. I didn't take into account players that farm world bosses! But, to keep it sort of consistent, the breakdown: The city of Vulkwasten in Malabal Tor has "friendly" mammoths walking all over the place. North of Vulkwasten is the Jagged Grotto world boss, which is down a cliff to the beach. Here you find a nereid named Tallatta the Lustrous. She's accompanied by a pair of sword-something-or-others, I forgot the titles, but I looked it up and it meant hired blades. So yeah, there you have it.

Riddle 15:
Bal Foyen
By breaking the tide of invading force
Adventurer's sail upon this course
A lion's pride on foreign shore
Known only by surveying its door

This was my favorite riddle. "Breaking the Tide" is the name of the quest that brings you to the ship, as not far from here a Daggerfall camp sits on the beach. King Casimir is the king of Daggerfall, and the name is King Casimir's Pride... and he's of the Daggerfall Covenent... the lions... eh, I thought it was clever and used it. The only way to have the ships name pop up, though, is to look at one of the two doors on board. (Fun Fact: I found out after that a player not only went there right away, but actually looked at the door but didn't put the two together, and left. He took the screenshot, just in case, but never sent it, convinced it was wrong. He finished second, could've been first, but refused to send the solution to riddle 15 thinking that he didn't deserve it since he received a hint from a different player. Once he realized his mistake, I guess he just felt foolish. I feel for him...)

Riddle 16: The FINAL riddle
Cold Harbour
Far from home the desert lay
On distant harbour without bay
Dead within, in a manor of speaking
But those who are are who you are seeking

Another riddle that I thought would be harder, but wasn't. One, I play on the EU but I'm American. My spelling the word harbour "correctly" (by EU standards) was the first clue toward the solve. The second clue was once again using the wrong word of "manor" over "manner." Anyway, in the Manor of Revelry you have a quest with fan favorite Stibbons. All seems well, but by quests end, it's revealed that everyone is essentially dead. Well, dead by varying degrees, as most of the "dead" are carrying on and still merrymaking, but there are some skeletons that actually are dead... not moving, anyway. The same guy that should've won it helped the winner solve this one. They ended up splitting the reward runeboxes and what not to who was missing what, then donated all of the million gold to the guild bank.

Out of a guild of 450+ members, the few that participate in things like this make being a guild leader worth it. If I were to enter the current #TamrielTogether dongle, I'd try to bring focus to players like this, who support creativity and guilds that offer more than just traders, trials, and tribulations.

If you're still reading, thank you. As I said at the beginning, I think there's an audience out there for content like this, and I only hope that that audience is found.

Happy adventuring, heroes!
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