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We are a very easy going, social guild, setup with those in mind who are new to the game and those who have been playing for a while who are learning the ropes.

We take things slowly, making sure we enjoy the view along the way.

We are mature adults mostly aged 40 and above. We are looking to expand our numbers with similarly aged players who enjoy a stress free game, enjoy group content as well as happy to solo whilst having friends to chat to.

The clan is in the process of increasing our evening activities, including normal trials, dungeons, shard runs, pvp, and group battlegrounds once they return.
We use voice comms on our discord but, as with most things in Clan Hammeraxe, we do not insist on you using it.

We are a small guild of around 30 active members and would like to increase our membership to around 50 active players. We firmly believe in staying small and personal as we strive to maintain our family atmosphere.

If you feel you’d like to try us then send a tell to any of the following in game or leave a message here and we’ll get back to you.


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  • Maltheru
    Forgot to say we have an awesome guild hall with all the major crafting tables, transmutation station, mundus stones etc all courtesy of our leader @FAD
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  • Maltheru
    Clan Hammeraxe Guild Hall
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  • tonne.backlinderb16_ESO
    Sounds like a guild for me. @Tonneback in the game. Can't find any of you when I try to email you ingame
  • Maltheru
    Why not pop along to our discord and say hello :)
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  • Maltheru
    Still looking for new recruits. We are especially interested in those players who are interested in forming a core Trials group. We have a dedicated and experienced tank so healers and dds are very welcome.
  • Maltheru
    We are now running Trials on a Sunday evening at vet level having had a period of successful recruitment. However, we are still looking for more new members to fill the ranks so please keep applying if you like the look of us.
  • Maltheru
    Sunday veteran trials are now going really well but as already mentioned we need some more people. We are running regular evening vet hm dungeons too. Nothing too difficult at the moment. If you'd like to experience vet content with more mature people, we'd love to hear from you. Putting a reminder to our discord below. Just pop along and say hi.

  • Nazekeen
    A note from the horse's mouth perhaps, but this thread needs to go up, so here goes :smile:

    We are a tight-knit, friendly group, but that includes new members who jump in and participate. New members are welcomed, and invited to join in our shenanigans immediately.
    Whether you just need help occasionally, or join our weekly events, you are welcome.

    We are a patient group, it doesn't matter if you're an experienced player, or new to the game. Though most of us are still learning, so if you're looking for very serious endgame participation, be prepared to help us learn, and die a lot in the process :lol:

    As already stated above, we do not require much. Just bring any role, any level, any class, any alliance, and a sunny disposition :smiley:
    Discord isn't required, but will come in handy during the more difficult content. Plus, we enjoy the banter :wink: Just listening is fine as well.
    Crazy Khajiit Lady #catbeforeitwascool

    Khajiit NB: 9 trait crafter, farmer, housing enthousiast, built for speed, not damage
    Khajiit DK: tanking for fun only, no serious business
    Khajiit pet sorc: 100k dd
    Khajiit healplar: RoJo build
    Khajiit magplar: solitary cat, likes quests
    Khajiit plar: currently healplar, going to be stamDD
    Khajiit Warden healer: Hollow/Olo
    Khajiit Sorc Healer: Hollow/SPC
    Khajiit Magcro: Working on learning DoT rotation
    Khajiit Necro healer/offDD: Catalyst/Saxhleel
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    Greetings all,

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