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Game unplayable due to lag

US server, woeful Australian connection, I have tried 2 PC's(Win 10 and XP) on both the game is unplayable tonight due to the lag. I tested my internet which is fine, the lag is not affecting anything but the launcher and the game. I can play other online games fine, this PC does not have the PTS so I cannot blame a stealth PTS download for the problem.

My character walks in slow motion, it takes almost a minute to actually get anything to happen when interacting with something, the other players are time warping on me. I am not able to collect my mail. I am not playing the game in that condition!
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  • aussie500
    I collected my event tickets and that was all I could do, I already had the quest completed and ready to hand in, I attempt to actually do anything the ping rate goes to 999+ and i get disconnected after a lot of lag and standing around while the game world stops.
  • YE4hR1GHT
    Same here in north Europe.
    Have zero problems of high ping and never get disconnected with literally any other mmo I play online, except ESO.
    During many years playing ESO I constantly had random disconnections, rubber banding due to high ping spikes.
    During the same many years I have changed computers, internet providers, cities, and even nations, and the problems with ESO and only with ESO are still exactly the same.

    The funny thing is that when this issue occurs the game says "Check your internet connection", like the finest state-of-the-art fiber connection money can buy in North Europe (which is among the best areas in the world for connectivity) is not enough to play ESO apparently.

    I wonder how much potential revenues from enthu$iast players like me they lose for this.
    I was about to buy a load of crowns right now, to keep up with all the in-game novelties when my ping started to go 999+, disconnected, "unable to connect", "check your internet connection", blah blah.
    Now I am pissed and will give the planned money to someone else, a someone else that, while ESO won't let me even connect, has a 50ms ping, let me connect, doesnt randomly disconnect me, and is always happy to get more money from customers.
    As simple as that.
    Hey, if Zenimax is happy with this, we all are.
  • aussie500
    I could play much later when the server was not so busy, although still every time I went through a loading door or transported the ping would go to 999+ and stay at that for a while, occasionally it would still disconnect me when the ping was that high. Then I would have to wait to log in since the game that tossed me out because supposedly I had no internet connection would not let me back in since I was still logged in, patience is wearing a bit thin these days.

    Much as I love ESO I am getting tired of being treated as a second class player all the time, I cancelled my ESO+ on my main account, my other 2 accounts had their ESO+ cancelled on the previous times I was unable to play due to the state of the game. They did recently make some improvements that at least had my ping rate below 300 and in the white for the first time in years, but those improvements were definitely not working when I had the problem yesterday. And even with the improvements still the lag makes it impossible to play on an equal footing with most other players on the NA server. Only in ESO have I had to struggle with such a handicap, which along with the lousy RNG I put up with on my main account makes me wonder why I lasted this long. When my ESO+ expires, I will likely give up on ESO.

  • ZOS_Bill
    We have posted troubleshooting in the following thread here that can help with issues related to disconnections and lag.
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