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Need Help

Soul Shriven
My character is stuck, and the in game process to get unstuck, does not work. I have submitted several Customer Service Tickets, with no responses. I am getting a 318 error, something about spamming. That is crazy, I do not even have in-game friends. This is day 2, stuck. The location is Stormcrag Crypt.

  • TheImperfect
    Aren't you able to teleport to a wayshrine or guildmate??
  • ZOS_GregoryV
    Greetings @pyxis2025 !

    We reached out to our support team and they have informed us that you should no longer be stuck. Upon your next login, if you are stuck, please feel free to reach out.

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    Staff Post
  • pyxis2025
    Soul Shriven
    Hello -Greg- ,
    You and everyone at ESO is great. You got me unstuck. Thank you very much.
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