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Dungeon Quest Event Progression Blocking Bug List

In a number of the Dungeons that have quests with events that take place after the Activity Complete Dungeon event happens, if the group splits (someone/everyone leaves) and one person triggers a quest event that causes the quest steps interaction npc to change location the remaining players not grouped with the player who performed the interaction will be unable to interact/speak with the npc and will be unable to complete the quest that dungeon run.

While many of the dungeons this happens in are not entirely too long if ran correctly, it is still a progression blocking bug in that it forces content to be repeated and is something that could possibly be adjusted to prevent future issues. Unless this thread gets locked I will come back and edit this original post (to avoid bumping) with a list of the Dungeons/Quest Events this is an issue for.

Additionally, a number of Dungeons quests can be broken while in progress as a result of hard coded delays regarding npc conversations and animations.

Some quests can be broken before players are even able to pick them up after entering the dungeon instance.

For anyone who wants to reply with an instance of this happening to them, please include the following:
~Name of the Dungeon
~Name of the Quest
~Quest Step that breaks
~Detailed information about what led up to or caused the quest to break there
And please remember to use spoiler tags for quest related information!

~Darkshade Caverns 1
~Mine all mine
~Recover Deed from Tervur
~If a player is not near their group (lagged or fell behind for some other reason) when Tervur is killed & looted they will be unable to recover the deed as instructed preventing quest progression/forcing a restart.

~Selene's Web
~Knowledge Gained
~Talk to the Bosmer
~If one player runs ahead of the group and kills the Bosmer enemies before their group members are able to pick up the quest (the quest npc has an animation and takes some time after the players zone in to appear), anyone attempting to pick up the quest will find they are unable to progress as the enemies needed to trigger the initial combat sequence are already dead. This completely breaks the quest and forces a restart of the dungeon/quest.
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