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Setting up a furniture store. How does it work?

I don't understand how do you exactly advertise your store? Is it for guild only ? Can multiple people set up stores in the same guild ? Is it possible for normal people in zone to visit your house ? Or do you have to group them and transport them every time individually?
I think there should be some kind of system that helps players showcase their houses on a more public level for store setups or just for general viewing etc. I know there's an option to just flood guild traders with crafted furniture but , I think it's more intimate to showcase your ideas of how you put things together in a display and more appealing visually to.sell !
What are your thoughts ?
P.s my store is just a small start-up and has very few items, but I'd like to invite people anyway lol
PSN GT : Divzor
  • Taleof2Cities
    You're on the right track, @deevoh1991.

    Players can visit your primary house at any time ... provided you've set your primary as open to your guilds/friends list in the housing options. Currently, there is no way to allow the general playerbase to just walk in ... due to the aforementioned housing being instanced only. But, your primary house is yours to put up as many furniture displays as you like.

    Since housing is instanced, you can sell to players whom have ported to your house (see above) via trade OR players in your group via trade.

    Passive sales (where you're not directly involved in the transaction) are only achieved through a guild trader. It is possible to start your own guild and get a trader with a minimum of 50 players in the guild. Keep in mind, you can only sell at an NPC trader that's already in the game with a successful weekly bid ... and not at your own home.

    The other trading option is to join another established guild and sell at their trader location.

    Good luck! ;)

    EDIT: OP's @name.

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